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There are six people in our house. There are eight guitars in our house. You do the math. Hubby took this picture of some of the guitars lined up near our piano for a friend who wanted to see 'em.

Today I had two appointments, only one of which I enjoyed. My son drove me to and from one appointment as I was impaired due to meds taken before and during the dental appointment. I have issues with sharp pokey metal things being scraped against my teeth. The dentist I went to was soooooo nice. He explained everything he was doing before he did it. He even called me this evening to see how I was doing. I've never ever had a doctor call me to see how I was doing. That impressed me.

My next apppointment was for getting my hair done. I fell asleep under the hot dryer. No, I really did. I've never done that before. I know some of it was the medication I was on earlier.

Now I have shorter and darker hair and a future full of sitting in a dentists chair getting extractions, dental implants, fillings and repair work done.

I think I'm going to need a lot more medication.


  1. what on earth are they doing to your teeth? holy crap! at least the guy sounds human. you must have GREAT insurance.
    how did you make out during the weather? we lost power, but fortunately no flying barn roofs yet. and we've had 'em.

  2. Janet4:53 PM

    OK, I'd like to see the new hair please! Oh, and have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. FN, thankfully we live up on the hill, rather than in the valley, so we were not flooded out. We did have to take some detours to get where we were going, but nothing to complain about.

    Janet, the new hair is no longer blond. It's more my natural chestnutty color. I'm not used to it yet, but hopefully it will grow on me. I do have some lighter strands mixed in so it looks all right.

  4. good things, like meds, are meant to be shared. call me.
    just kidding. feel better.

  5. I'd share hon, but I used'em all up! Now I need more!

  6. I'm not sure getting your hair done after taking copious amounts of drugs (just extrapolating) is a good idea...but then again you didn't show us a picture of your new do, so maybe it is.


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