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A dearth of brain cells

I was going to drive to Seattle today for a medical apppointment and I'd forgotten what time I was supposed to be there so I called to check. Ahem. My appointment is Wednesday, not today. This is not the first time I've done things like this....once I drove the seventy miles to Seattle only to find that the appointment was for another day entirely.

Who says I'm absent minded?

This is day four with no cable television in our home and I have some marvelous results to impart.

My son's bedroom has an actual carpeted floor! I know this because he deep cleaned his room this weekend and I saw his floor when I walked passed his room. I caught sight of him hauling an enormous black garbage bag outside with arguably half the contents of his bedroom.

My eldest daughter sat down at the piano and gifted us with a meddly of Christmas carols, Fur Elise and other hymns. She hasn't tickled the ivories in a very long time. When she finished, the entire family stood up and clapped. I don't think she realize that we were even listening.

My two youngest girls played in their bedroom. Playing, using their imaginations, instead of sitting in front of the boob tube. At one point they had music on and were dancing around. It was beautiful.

We should have canceled cable years ago.

Maybe I'll even get some writing (outside of my blog) done now.


  1. bravo!!!! perhaps i should do the same in my house.
    i love piano playing. what a treat.
    about the forgetful stuff, i once took a bus to the airport in denver which is all the way in texas, mind you, and found that my ticket was for the following day. walk away from the counter with confidence? not really.

  2. Christmas Carols? Fur Elise? Get me the remote control, quick, there must be something on the nose-picking channel.

  3. Anna, I'm glad I'm not alone in my ditzy-headedness!

    vicus, you old scrooge you. I think you need a good whapping, or at the very least, a visit from the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. Let me know how that goes.

  4. Pam...

    I'm kinda with Vicus on this one.

    It's Nov. 20!!!!

    Yeah WalMart is advertising that Christmas is just around a corner, but at least they have a very greedy reason.

    There are about 3,000 Christmas shopping days left! (OK, a little more than 30).

    It's lovely your daughter was tapping on the keys, but aren't there any Thanksgiving songs?

    Just kidding, of course. Whatever gets you through the night.

    And yes, cable's a devil, isn't it? We actually CAN have a life beyond TV?

  5. WW, I know it's well before the Christmas season, but the girl has a Christmas recital to prepare for, so she's practicing. I agree with those of you that believe everyone jumps the gun on the holidays.

    Don't worry, I don't have my Christmas decorations out yet. I'm waiting until Friday. :grin:

    Yes, we can and DO THRIVE without television.

  6. back!
    isn't life without tv bliss? my daughters behavior and grades improved enormously during our six year boycott.
    *secretly checks listings for Americas' Test Kitchen*

  7. I totally and genuinely can live w.o. TV!


  8. Janet6:31 PM

    WOW! can your son teach my son to clean his room??? I'm sure there's a floor in there somewhere, but I haven't seen it in weeks!

  9. Way to go Pammy I should have known you years ago. Good parenting.

    And thanks for the warning about VS but I am afraid it is too late. The old bloke has won a fan in me. I shall play tittle timmy, to his scrooge. God Bless Us Everyone!

    Your updated look is really fine. Nice design!

  10. I seldom watch TV. That way I get to catch up with my reading, writing, assignments for my pupils etc etc. It feels great without the idiot box.

  11. Kindness. "Playing Tiny Tim to my Scrooge"? That sounds a little naughty to be posting on Pamela's blog. I am as broad-minded as the next fellow, but I am afraid Pamela has a few hangups and may not appreciate your candour.

  12. God forbid we ever lose our telly, the missus would probably want to talk to me, and then I'd never get my blogging done.
    And there is this little thing called on off switch.

  13. FN, welcome back! I take it you're feeling better?

    Keshi, I agree. We don't really need TV. It's a time stealer.

    Janet, having a son clean his room without even being asked is truly a miracle!

    Kindness, I'm sorry my warning was too late. Vicus will now take advantage of your Tiny Tim optimism and crush it right out of you. It won't be pretty. Hobble away as quickly as you can. Thanks for your kind words. Parenting in the trenches, we need all the help we can get.

    Guatami, it truly is an idiot box, isn't it? So much mindless pap delivered to us. I do miss my news stations though.

    Vicus, what you call 'hang ups' I call virtues. Look it up m'dear. You might learn something.

    tommy, adults can usually regulate their time in front of the box, children need some direction in that area. And what would be wrong in talking to the missus? It's high time you told her about your torrid affair with someone across the pond anyway. :grin:

  14. My parents always said the year we didn't have tv was the best I try it myself? Nope. Sad isn't it...

  15. Now Pammy, listen here. She knows all about you babe, and loves you almost as much as I do. She knows all about my SL babe too. She doesn't know about a few other things but hey, I'm allowed some stuff of my very own.
    And Pammy, you and me babe and about the telly, we'll never agree on some things, but hey, it won't stop us loving each other (will it?).

  16. Sketchy, we removed all the tv's from our home one September. It was one of the best months of our lives. Right now we are getting a couple of channels, but nothing much that the kids want. They're going to survive.

    Tommy my love, my husband knows about you as well. It's all good. He just wants to make sure we keep that big pond between us. And just so you know, I am/was addicted to television at times. It's good to recogize those things in yourself and try to improve. There is so much more out there in life than television. I just need to learn moderation.

    Our disagreements won't change anything. You're still my most favorite Brit. ::smooch::


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