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Targeting the Good Stuff

Hubby made pancakes for the girls this morning before school. As I was walking through the kitchen I came across Ashley's plate.

Though she's nine years old, she still can't cut her food very well due to her disability, so Lance had cut both pancakes up for her. She'd eaten the middle out of her pancakes and left the entire outside edges. She has a tendency to do this with everything--from food to life. She targets the good stuff--and leaves the rest.

Is this a waste? Sure. Did I tell her to eat the rest of her breakfast? No. I don't like wasting food but I also don't want her to eat more if she's already full--and besides, she got the good stuff.

I think sometimes in life I nibble around the edges and don't go right for the good stuff, even though I know what the good stuff is and how to get to it. I simply don't....and that's entirely my fault.

I learn a lot from my Ashley Rose.

More Medical Hijinks

Yesterday was my day for IVs and sedation and pain. Today was hubby's turn.

He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and the treatment they are trying is injections of steroids into the epidural space of the spinal column. Doesn't that sound like fun? No, didn't sound like fun to him either.

Today was the day. Here he is in his cute little hospital gown.

He was knocked out for the procedure, lucky guy. He feels ok but doesn't feel any measurable difference in his level of pain yet. He goes back to have it done again in two weeks.

The nice part? He's home again tonight. I love that. I hate having him gone in the evening at work. Hopefully he can get back on days soon.

In the meantime, pass the vicodin!

Dental Hijinks

Mission accomplished today. Oral surgery over and done with.

Everything went fine they said--except for the fact that I kept waking up during the surgery. That was fun. This was why I thought I'd never actually been unconscious. I remember pain and pulling and many mask-wearing faces looking down at me with concern in their collective eyes.

So far I have had a smidge of vanilla yogurt, a bit of pudding and I'm about to see if I can get some soup down. That whole 'stuffing your mouth with sterile gauze' thing does not lend itself to easy eating or drinking.

My wonderful husband took a vacation day today so he could be here for me and the kids. I'm very blessed to have this man by my side.

Ok, here comes the soup. Wish me luck!

My Son Must Be a Dentist

$90 yesterday to have an Endontist look at my mouth and talk to me. I wasn't even there an hour.

I think my son needs to go into that line of work.

I have oral surgery appointment for Tuesday. That should be fun.

Or not.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up some client work to clear my deck for even more work. Easter is coming and the Easter Bunny needs to get some stuff for the kids.


Finishing up this work isn't easy when I'm on so much pain medication.

Ack. Dentists.

I'm in for some heavy duty dental work. I hate the word 'Abcess', don't you? It actually sounds like what it is and that's not pretty.

Vicodin, Ibuprofen and antibiotics are all on board and making me very nauseas. I so dislike that feeling.

Much to time to be sick.

New Beginnings...Kinda...

It's been an eventful week at our house...

My mother-in-law came to visit from her home in Las Vegas. She's so beautiful and never seems to age. It was wonderful to see her and the kids always look forward to seeing Grandma Bonnie. I made a turkey dinner for the day (Thanksgiving in March!) and it was wonderful.

Ashley lost another tooth and the Tooth Fairy didn't come for 3 whole days! She was apparently very booked up and busy and suffering from a severe case of memory loss. Ashley left the Tooth Fairy a note asking for $4 instead of the usual $1. Alas, the Tooth Fairy was not giving toothless-nine-year-olds a bump in price per tooth.

My son broke up with his girlfriend of six months. I am not saddened by this, as sixteen is waaaay too young to be as serious as he was with her. I do, however, feel sorry for the girl. She was (and is) so in love with my boy. So much so that I received a call from her mother telling me that her daughter was not eating, was not sleepi…


Another day....another morning. We've had difficulty getting Ashley to wear her leg brace. You understand that it's not easy being a nine year old girl and being 'different' in a world that isn't very accepting of differences---despite all it's protestations to the contrary--different is still not as cool as being like everyone else. Having CP will always set her aside in some manner.

This morning Lance put on her brace, after bandaging part of her foot where it had rubbed some skin off and created a blister. We kept it off her for a few days so it could heal.

Poor thing has had bronchitis for awhile. Doc has her on two medications and we have the nebulizer. She went to school for a half a day today. I'm sure she'll come home and sleep.

I leaned across the counter this morning as she was eating her cereal and milk and I just stared at her. She's incredibly beautiful..those big blue eyes, those blond curly locks. I could spend all day just memo…

Running in quicksand

That's how I feel lately.

Can't seem to get EVERYTHING done that I need to get done and the stress of it is killing me. Time seems to slip through my fingers too quickly and there's never enough of it to do what I must do.

I'd like to have more time, please.