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The Aftermath....Oh, and a job!

I needed a cocktail badly yesterday. Quite badly.

But Pamela, you don't even drink!

You're right, I don't. And this wasn't just any kind of cocktail either. It was a GI cocktail, the kind you can only get at your local emergency room, after sitting for hours in agony, being poked and prodded numerous times and having some young ER doc ask you what you ate that you should not have eaten. The GI cocktail consists of a liquid painkiller, a muscle relaxant and lidocaine (you know, the numbing agent) all suspeneded in a lovely maalox solution. It comes in a plastic cup instead of a beautiful crystal glass, but that's just fine with me. I would have gulped a dozen of them if I'd had them near.

I should have gone the the ER yesterday. Instead, I spent the entire day in agony, in bed, curled up and trying not to breathe too deeply. Today I feel like a truck ran over me, backed up and did it a few more times. It's not too fun when your entire system goes into …

My other love....

Today I had a gorgeous guy in my arms for most of the day.He wasn't my husband, but that was ok, hubby knew I was having company today.

We cuddled and we giggled and I didn't want to let him go when his mommy came to pick him up. I love that little guy so much.

To thank me, she brought me some beautiful tulips. I love fresh flowers! She didn't really have to do that, I should have given her something beautiful for the gift of sharing her little boy with me again.

My arms are empty once again.....

Monday that feels like Saturday

It always messes me up when the kids have a day off of school. I kept thinking that today was Saturday and hubby was at work, as he sometimes is on the weekend. But nooooo, tomorrow, apparently, is Tuesday, not Sunday, as I had been thinking. Sometimes my brain just doesn't work right.

Yeah, yeah, Hush up. I don't need anyone forcibly agreeing with me on that one. I've already got enough going on in my head to make the point that I'm not too bright.

I did our taxes on Saturday, yay me. All done, signed, emailed off and now we await the refund to be deposited into our bank account next week. I hope I did it right.

I've got taco meat on the stove and I should go finish making dinner. Still need to shred some cheese, cut up the lettuce and and peel the avocados. Mmmm..I love Mexican food. It's one of my favorites.

Sorry, I apologize for the boring blog post. I've got a massive headache and the Excedrin I took is making me all jittery. I hate that…

A-Z meme

I was tagged to do a MEME.

ACCENT: Pacific Northwest, although I'm not sure it qualifies as having an accent. "


CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: Cleaning toilets.

DOG OR CAT: I have one doggie and five (yes, five) cats. I love them all

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Computer, laptop, TV, DVD player, MP3 player, VCR, CD player/stereo, and of course the car stereo

Yves St. Laurent's Opium.

GOLD OR SILVER: Gold, baby!

HANDBAG I haven't carried one for a long time, until my sister in law came for a visit in December, felt sorry for me and purchased a lovely black leather handbag for me. Now I'm stylin'. When I remember to take it with me.

INSOMNIA: I've suffered from it off and on for years. Not so much lately.

JOB TITLE: Homemaker, Humor Columnist, Chauffer, Cook, Maid, Banker, you name it, I do it.

KIDS: 18 yr old girl, 15 yr. old boy, 10 yr. old girl and 8 year old girl.

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Brand spankin' new hous…


Hubby and I weren't planning on doing anything big tonight for Valentines Day. We'd agreed not to exchange presents because money is tight right now. We tell each other that we love each other every day, so it's not like one day out of the year is something huge and different for us.

I made a double batch of sugar cookies, frosted them and went to Ashley's class for her party. It was such a sweet scene, watching the children racing around the room, placing valentines on their friend's tables. It brought a smile to my face to see such joy on their faces.

For dinner we managed to find a few bucks for pizza so I didn't have to cook. Hubby went to pick it up...and I kept on frosting cookies at the kitchen table. Meanwhile, Ally, Ash and their friend Kylee were dashing around being secretive, giggling, telling me I couldn't go into the dining room. After a bit I went upstairs.

later, I was led downstairs to find the table in the dining room had been set wit…

Janice has issues....

Poor Janice, can't leave me alone. Not sure what her problem is, but I think it has something to do with not having much of a life and feels the need to heckle others to make herself feel important. She's living a sad life, full of hatred and anger and it has spilled over onto others. I feel sorry for her.

For whatever reason, I don't appreciate her issues being on my blog. Therefore I've enabled comment moderation.

Janice honey? Get a life.

Valenines Day

Almost Valentines Day

Valentines Day, the day to express your love. I'm not sure why one day a year is singled out for this very important outpouring of affection. There are so many people in my life that I love and am loved by.

I love my father, and wish I could be there for him more. I talk to him on the phone every day and see him as often as I can. I was always a daddy's girl, and I geuss I always will be.

I love my husband. He has the sweetest, most gentle soul of any man I've ever known. My life would have been a lot different if I hadn't accepted his invitation to go out a year after he asked me for the first time. He's amazing and wonderful and I tell him I love him every day.

I love my children. So very much. They taught me the true meaning of love. My heart is divided into four pieces and now walks around outside of my body.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Make sure you let the important people in your lives know that you love them every day, not just one day a year.

Another Monday

I've had my oatmeal with flaxseed and taken the two oldest to their seminary classes and now I'm watching Obama's rollout as a Democratic candidate for the presidency on early morning television. He certainly appears to be the media darling of the moment.

After the two youngest head off on their school bus I'll hit the gym and then pick up Steph at school and run her over to college. I don't mind what happens next.

I wait for her. I sit in the suburban and I read. An hour all to myself to read. Sometimes I read a novel, sometimes the scriptures. It's a peaceful, quiet time for me and I welcome the respite.

A friend of mine, a realtor, is coming over later today so we can talk about our options.

Never a dull moment around here.

Also, I'd like to ask those visiting here to please don't post comments that are crude. I will enable comment moderation if that continues. I think we can talk without personal insults, can't we?

An Iraqi called me a bimbo and a harlot. No, really.

I've been perusing blogs from around the world. I like to read about other people's lives, how they live, what they do. I've been reading some Iraqi blogs because I wanted to see how those poor people were surviving.

One blogger, on whose site I posted some comments called me a Bimbo and then he called me a Harlot.

I actually laughed out loud. Me. A bimbo. A harlot. Ha. Who knew this guy had such a sense of humor? He's been applauding each American soldier's death by IED, or sniper or any other means. He's actually gleeful about such things.

I think part of his problem is that I'm a female and I questioned him, a male. Obviously I shouldn't do that as I'm inferior. Oh, and a bimbo of course.

I find the fact that any human being would be happy about the death of any other human being, quite awful.


The Bimbo

No More Kittens

As I sat reading with my daughters this morning, our felines were swirling around us because we hadn't yet fed them. We couldn't. Not until later because the lone female of the group was going to the vet to be spayed. Yes, you heard right people. There will be no more kittens produced here at our house. None, Zip. Nada. Zero. We finally figured out what causes that and we're taking care of it. Yay us!

We've gone to the animals...

Ahhhh. The pool was lovely this morning and my favorite teacher was there to work us into a sweat. I've missed her. My house is clean (((GASP!)), ok the downstairs is clean. The rest? Not so much. I will be getting to that shortly. In the meantime, here are some pictures for you to ponder.

Here is Bobo (aka Uncle Daddy) with his son/nephew, Twitchy. They used to pee on the couches whenever I put the slipcovers on. For some reason they've given it a pass this time. I don't know why, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Or rather, a non-peeing cat in the the whatever.

On the other end of the couch from them are their nephews/cousins/half brothers. It's complicated.

On the other couch across from them in the family room, is our dog Cassie. Oooh, it's a dogs life, lemme tell ya.

You may wonder why there is no picture of our other cat, She Who Procreates. Well, I'm taking her into the vet at 2:40 this afternoon, barring unfor…

General Tso Tried To Kill Me

Pamela's Column for Pacific Publishing

My tongue needs a bandaid. And some burn cream. Perhaps a four hour ice bath would be useful as well. Do they make bandaids for lips? Because I could use a sterile covering over them too. Powerful analgesics, the kind you can only get with a prescription from a doctor, would not be out of the question either. I'd prefer that they be applied directly on my lips, tongue, and oh hell, I'll just gargle with it.

You see, tonight I nearly met an untimely death by Chinese food. General Tso's Chicken to be exact. It started out innocently enough. My husband, children and I went out to dinner with my father, my sister and her children, twelve of us altogether. Thankfully there were enough people there to make sure my agony did not go unnoticed. The only thing that would have made it all more bearable would have been if they had managed to catch my writhing on video for later replays at family reunions.

I love Chinese food, …