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Autumn Colors and Thankful Hearts

After church today (which was FANTASTIC and wonderful since it was the Primary Program) we had lunch then took all three of our gorgeous girls for a drive to spend time adoring the beautiful fall colors. We went out by Snoqualmie Falls and then to the little town of Carnation to MacDonald Park. Oh so pretty. We walked in the woods along the river and snapped a few pictures along the way. Here's Ashley and Steph striking a pose on the path. The colors were striking...moss and leaves and trees. The air felt heavy and fecund with the fallen leaves and the dampness. So much beauty... Allison and Ashley and Lance walking ahead of me on a bed of Autumn leaves.... Allison and Ashley along the way. Oh how I love these girls of mine. This was a sweet interlude and there seemed to be a truce of sorts between the girls. A truce from the random and uncomfortable teenage-angst-driven-contention that occasionally pops up between them. Peace in abundance.... Leaves.…
It's official. We're moving. It's been three long years here and it's time. It's long overdue, truth be told.
We're moving to a beautiful house in Lake Forest Park. Closer to my work, in the school district for the girls and closer to hubby's job. We're all excited. Ok, we're excited to be getting this great house---about packing and actually doing the moving? Meh, not so much. The only good part about this is that the majority of our stuff is STILL packed up and so that won't be a problem.

I feel like I kicked a puppy though, when I had to tell my father we were leaving. I told him that's how I felt and he smiled and said he wasn't a puppy.

I still feel like I kicked a puppy though. It's not a nice feeling.
"I hate you!!!! YOU'RE THE WORST MOM EVER!!!!! WHY DON'T YOU DIE???"

Well, my darling daughter, I guess I won't die right now, even though your screeching might make me wish I would, because my job here on this earth isn't quite over yet. You see, it's not ok to yell at me. I'm your mother. There are rules to this thing called life---one of them is actually a commandment from God about honoring your father and your mother. I'm fairly certain that screaming at me and telling me no when I've asked you to do something isn't anywhere near honoring me. Nope. Not even close.

Asking you to turn off the television and work on your homework should not elicit a 'NO' from you. Here, let me help you. Here's how the conversation should have gone:

Me: "Hija, do you have homework?"
You: "Yes I do"
Me: "Please turn off the TV and do it right now, ok?"
You: "Ok, thanks for reminding me. I'…