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My Nest

I have been listening more and more to The Mormon Channel. It's inspiring talks, music and videos. All uplifting and oh so welcome in my life. The other day I heard the song below---and I fell in love with it. The lyrics touched my heart. As I watch my little birds grow and leave my nest. I cannot find a video of the song---but I will keep trying. The group is called One Clear Voice, and they are amazing.

My Nest

The day has come for you to go
I've watched you closely so I know
I recognize your restlessness
It's time for you to leave the nest

I've taught you much of what you know
It's been a joy to see you grow
You fluttered first, then learned to fly
While I was flying by your side

A part of me
will fly away
As you leave my nest today
But part of you
will stay with me
You will always be a welcome guest
Within my nest

You've had brief chances to explore
That left you eager to see more
You've taken tiny solo flights
but always close within my sight

It's a Beautiful Life--Oh look! Something Shiny!

It's funny to me that I only made one blog post during the month of June---and it's already the 10th of July and I've yet to post.

You're welcome. For me not clogging up your Blog feed. Very, very welcome.

School is out and so is work. Well, school district work for me. I've been hired as a contractor for the PSESD to edit and add content to a website they are launching in conjunction with Columbia Legal Services. It's a website to help homeless youth and those who care or work with them. I have enjoyed it immensely. I was going into my office to do the work because the chair I have at home at the computer cripples me if I sit in it for any length of time. Seriously---on Monday night I worked in that chair and I was unable to even lift my legs up to bring them up on my bed that evening.

So, the only thing keeping me from working at home was the chair, right? Of course right. Yesterday I purchased a very nice chair. A wonderful chair. A chair that …