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Weekend Update

Big changes on the way in my life....but we'll get to those another time.

For now, I wanted to show you about our weekend. On Friday afternoon we made a spur of the moment decision to drive down to Ocean Shores and spend the night. My father and my sister, with her two girls and my Ally, had spent the entire week camping down there. So we packed up the suburban and drove south.

Ashley slept in Julie's trailer, Lance and I slept on an air mattress in the back of our suburban. We slept in our jeans, socks and hoodie sweat shirts because it was cold. Yes, I said COLD! Amazingly chilly and we were loving it. Here's my adorable hubby in his hoodie.

This is one of the beaches we played at on Sunday.

You may recall from a different posting last spring that we visited this beach once before. Lance helped the girls climb up to some little caves carved into the side of the hill.

Here's another view from the other side of our ride.

Here is my Ashley, Nicole, Ally and Jessi…

Beach and Looks

My sister has stolen my ten year old Ally for the week and whisked her off in her trailer to Ocean Shores. It's Thursday and I miss the little muffin. She sends me pictures every day so I can keep up with my baby.

Here's Ally and her cousin Nicole. They have matching swimsuits and they kind of like each other.

Here they are enjoying some ice cream. Apparently it's cold where they are. Notice the coats? It's blazing here and cold there. Go figure.

While they are off having fun, I am subjected to yet another dose of THE LOOK.

I've been feeling a little queasy just now and wondering why. It took me a minute to realize it's because my cats are freaks!! I caught the kitten (nearly six months old) trying to nurse on his father. And the dingy daddy was allowing it!!!


Oops He Did It Again

I have often used this space as a therapy session for myself. Yes, you poor people have been the unwitting recipients of my psychological effluvia. You have probably already sensed this on some level, I’m sure. I hope I’ve not done any damage to your psyches, or have deterred any of you from having children of your own after reading about some of the exploits of my offspring. Having said that, I apologize beforehand for whatever damage I may cause you by reading the following.

It’s about my son, but then you probably already knew that was coming as it’s been approximately two weeks since he’s done something column-worthy. Its time to tell you about yet another mind-bogglingly stupid action that my son took this week. First, let me inform you that being of semi-sound minds and stretch-marked bodies, we purchased a trampoline for our children.

We believed the advertisements that touted the health benefits for our little ones. We wanted them to be active and healthy and not couch…

Tuesday already?

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time (out at the house by the sound) editing, revising, and writing, as I watched my two boys and Ashley. When I got home, we ate dinner and I spent three more hours editing three pages. Three hours. Three pages. Goodness.

However, I have to say that I am reveling in this experience and learning so much as I go.

I also called the brother of the man in prison for killing my friend. No big surprise that he didn't care to talk to me. I have to say though, that speaking to him made me nervous.

I couldn't sleep last night because of the heat and it didn't help that somehow the dog was outside our window barking at 3a.m. When I got up to bring her in, I really woke up so I simply stayed up and did more writing.

This morning at ten Ashley had a physical therapy apppointment at the CTU with Erika and it was a good hour. She (Erika) asked me to get Ashley to her Orthopedist so we could get x-rays of her hips to determine for sure what is c…

The Look

I got The Look today. Getting The Look is not an unusual occurence for me. I manage to get The Look quite often. I'd say that on a daily basis, I am given The Look an average of ten to twenty times. Some may say this is excessive. I would have to agree The Look is often given without provocation on my part. Being the recipient of The Look, has oft times made me question my parenting abilities. On occasion it has made me question just why I had children in the first place.

Today The Look was bestowed upon me for no discernable reason that I can find. I was, in my own mind, doing everything right. I allowed her into my air conditioned bedroom and even let her use my laptop. I was not asking inappropriate questions, such as 'why is three inches of your tanned and toned belly showing beneath your tank tops?' or 'why are you wearing tank tops?' or even 'what do you mean you don't want me to go to the same gym you do?'. I wasn't actually speakin…

Sizzling Hot

No, I'm not talking about the picture of Viggo Mortenson that Fronty posted on his blog. (SUCH a disappointment it was). Today the weather is climbing near the 100 mark and as well all know, this does not please me.

Especially since the FREAKIN' AIR CONDITIONING is STILL not hooked up in my house.

So, at the moment that I write this entry, I am ensconced in the downstairs office of the house overlooking the water with icy-cold air being blown at me from the vents. I'm in heaven. I may not go home tonight.

I'm not kidding.

I'm off to do some writing and researching. Stay cool y'all.

This is Thursday, right? Right?

Somehow I got my days mixed up (being gone for nearly three weeks will do that to you) and I missed an appointment at CTU (no, not the terrorism unit) for Ashley. This is the Children's Therapy Unit and she was to meet her new physical therapist Erika. The appointment was yesterday, so she called last night and asked if we could come today. We could and we did.

Here is Erika evaluating my baby girl.

More of the same.

We sat and talked about what my concerns are for Ashley. I'm concerend about her gait, her posturing, her right thumb being more in the hand than out, and the disparity between her limb lengths.

Erika discovered that Ashley's left hip is about two inches higher than her left. Her left leg is an inch and a half longer than her right, this is causing the hip issues. We need to fix this as quickly as we can and so once a week we'll be in physical therapy with Erika. There will be a lift placed in Ashley's shoe to make up the difference in limb length…

What a day....

A little background here....

I watch two little boys, brothers, Daniel and Dillon. They lived across the street from me before our road trip. While we were gone, they moved to a house overlooking Puget Sound in another town entirely. It's a long story, but they had to do this (Dad is currently serving in Iraq) Now instead of her walking across the street to bring me the boys each morning, I drive for 45 minutes or more to her house to watch my guys. While I care for them I try to research and write. Not always easy to do, but I try.

They have a dog named Dora. She looks like this:

Only less...cute. The dog is forever escaping the yard, peeing in the house on the rugs and chewing things up.

Yesterday it got out and a frail old neighbor, who had trouble walking, brought her back. Then she got lost again, and I spent a great deal of time tracking her down, to no avail. I searched inside and out. This took some time. I was hot. Up and down the stairs again and again. As I was …


This is how I feel today.

Can't seem to shake the headache that I've had since yesterday. Ouch.

More of the same

Work, work, work. Research and writing. Fun, fun, fun. Also, not just a lttle disturbing, due to the subject matter involved. I'm making great progress though.

Ok, enough of a break. Back to work.

A change of pace..

Today I spent the entire day out in Steilacoom, in a house with a lovely view of Puget Sound. I watched two little boys and spent untold hours doing research for the book I'm working on. I came up with some very good information today, plus some excellent contacts. At one point I had one computer and two laptops going at the same time. Things are coming along.

It was wonderful to see 'my boys' again after being away on vacation.

Tomorrow more of the same. Film at 11.

Mud Mountain

Today we had the best time. Nothing was planned, it just happened. A friend from Shoreline spent two nights here (a friend of the children) and needed a ride to Bonney Lake, so hubby and the two younger girls went with us to drop him off. Drop him off we did, then we took a little drive.

What? You took a drive after spending untold hours in the vehicle driving all over the west?

Yes, yes I did. And loved it. We were heading towards Chinnook Pass, where all those snowy pictures were taken a few days ago, but veered off on roads less traveled and found the most delightful little park at a place called Mud Mountain Recreational Area. The girls loved the place and so did we. There was this amazingly steep trail down to who knows where (we were not equiped with the right shoes to do some hiking) and I snapped this picture of Lance waaaaaay down at the end of a switch back. You might just be able to make him out down there.

Then we went back up to the park proper where the girls wa…

My Chicago Boeing Reader

I see you

Ok, I don't really see you. But I see you have been reading here and I'd like to thank you.

Boeing has been a great company for my husband to work for and we're grateful that they rehired him after the Big Layoffs.

Jump in and say hi. I'd love to know how you found me and if you can get my husband promoted. ::grin::

For Vicus

We left Orem, Utah around 4:30 and got home around 6:30 in the evening. Not too bad.

We traded this....

for this....

We took Chinook pass home and it was a breathtaking drive. At the top there is still snow on the ground. When we stopped for a closer look, Chris leaped over the railing into a snow patch in his bare feet. Just as quickly, he pulled himself back over to the right side of the railing. Apparently snow is cold on bare feet. Who knew? :grin:

An alpine lake, surrounded by snow.

Ashley got out to take a closer look, but Allison couldn't locate her shoes and refused to leave the vehicle.


Our ride at the top of Chinook Pass.

Chris loved the cool air of the pass and put his head out the window as the greenery flew past.

All in all, not a bad drive. When we got home, Lance had dinner ready for us. Steak, green beans with bacon and applesauce. Is it any wonder I kinda like this guy?

Home again, home again

We arrived in one piece. I'm tired, so no big blog tonight. I had enough energy to light some candles and lay in a bathtub. Now I'm going to collapse until tomorrow. Smoochies to all and thanks for your well wishes and smart alecky comments (you know who you are)

Vicus you will be glad to know that I have more pictures to share. Tomorrow.

Zion National Park and Kolob

While driving here (Orem) from Las Vegas yesterday, we made a little side trip into part of Zion's National Park. We took the scenic drive into Kolob.

It was breathtaking...

As I slowly drove the red road, I talked to the children about the beauty and majesty of nature.

"Isn't nature incredible?
"Mom, nature could do better"

This from Allison, in all her ten year old wisdom. Her comment made me laugh. I suppose you would have had to have been there.

Here's Ally.

I stopped at a couple of view spots along the drive.

The kids found a big rock they wanted to climb. Allison helped Ashley.

Chris peeking from the top.

Here are all three. I love this picture of them.

Of course Chris, being male, had to climb up things. He also wanted to drop rocks down and did so until I stopped him. I didn't want our names in the paper for having caused a major rock slide.

And here is Ashley sleeping on the remaining drive to Orem.

Last night we had pizza for dinner and the…

More Las Vegas

Here are some random pictures from our stay in Las Vegas.

Three kids in the pool.

Stephanie and hubby Lance on the escalator at the Luxor.

Steph and Chris by the pool.

Hubby making eggs for us. He's cute and he cooks!

After hubby flew home on Sunday, Chris and I watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail in my bedroom. He loves that movie.

For Ally's birthday she wanted her picture drawn. Bonnie (MIL)Allison, Ashley and I went to the Alladin casino and she got her caricature drawn. It turned out pretty well.

Hubby cooking the salmon for the birthday party.