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Oh yeah. Really.

I had a conversation with my sister-in-law this week. She was up from Texas and staying with us for about five days. As we sat in the living room, we chatted about cats (we both love them) and family (we love them too) and then she recounted something I'd done in the past---but had no memory of doing. Not really. She said that I'd not liked one of her cats when my children were little, because he would scratch them. I was puzzled---but then I realized that yes, I would not have appreciated a feline scratching my babies.

I told her I was perhaps a bit uber protective of my offspring when they were toddlers. She sort of rolled her eyes as if to say, 'that's an understatement'

Then she went on to tell me something else I'd done as an overprotective mommy. I didn't recall that episode either. Perhaps there are too many for me to recall? They all blurred together? My gray matter has run out of RAM and is therefore dumping memory i…