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I Accept Your Nomination

Pamela's column for Pacific Publishing April 2008

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who pay attention to things and those who don’t. And when I say ‘those who don’t’ I mean me. I don’t pay attention. If I’d been born into the age of ADHD, I’d have been diagnosed at birth.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Troeppl, but your daughter can’t focus enough to latch on to her bottle. I think she needs Ritalin”

“But…but…but she’s only two hours old!”

“Yep…worst case I’ve ever seen”

It hasn’t gotten any better. Coloring inside the lines of the pictures in my coloring books was never a problem, it was actually finishing any of the pictures. Mine were always half done. I’d forget I was roller skating at the roller rink and get run over by hordes of skaters because I was just standing there enjoying the sparkly lights shooting off of the mirror ball in the middle of the room.

I was once driving down the freeway lost in thought and heard a noise coming from the backseat. My heart started poun…

The Flash

That would be my son. You can see him, sort of, here in this picture. I'd placed dinner in front of the kids and he took one bite, said there isn't any cheese on the macaroni and then took off like....well, a flash. I managed to catch just a glimpse of him as he sped away.

I swear that kid can move like the wind when he wants to. In the morning getting ready for school? Fugetaboutit. It's as though someone poured molasses into his veins and the temperature has dropped below freezing.

Ah yes, but when it suits him, he's like greased lightening.


Remember when you were little and a game of hide-and-go-seek was THE most exciting game EVER? Well, of course you don't. You're old and you've forgotten. You probably stand on your front porch shaking your fist at the kids in your neighborhood and yell "Get Off My Lawn!!"

Or that could just be me.

Today my girls had a friend over and their giggles and laughter and joy filled the house. They engaged in a rousing game of hide-and-go-seek (which is different from the game of hide-and-go-poop that they used to play when they were much younger and less in control of their bowels, but I digress)

At one point Allison hid in the pots and pans cupboard in the kitchen. I snapped this with my cell phone as she was attempting to extricate herself.

Was I ever that limber?

Don't answer that.

My baby boy is 17

Chris turns 17 today. Since he's not going to be here with us for his birthday dinner (for some odd reason he'd rather be with his girlfriend) we had his birthday dinner last night. I made lasagna, garlic cheese bread, cesear salad and his favorite cheesecake for dessert.

This morning we made scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast and juice and served it to him in bed.

My baby boy is 17. How did that happen? Wasn't it yesterday that he looked like this?

I don't think these two kids knew what they were getting into way back when they fell in love...

And...she's off!

Stephanie and Sarah left this morning for college. Two beautiful girls driving across the state. What was funny is that it was like they called each other to coordinate their outfits. Black pants and emerald green sweat shirts. Too funny.

The house is gonna be a whole lot quieter now....

Back in the saddle again...

My eyes appear to have stabilized and so I'm about to open up my writing business again and climb back on that horse.

I have to. My little one keeps losing teeth and the Tooth Fairy needs those dollahs! She lost another molar last night. I think she's trying to bankrupt the Tooth Fairy.

Soooo.... Private Label Rights Writer is baaaaack!

I won't be taking on any more private clients for now until I'm sure my eyes can handle my Private Label Rights Writer commitments for my subscribers. Once I've established that and I have more time, I'll consider taking on one client a month, depending on the amount of work involved.

Thanks so much for your patience, prayers and emails. They've meant the world to me.


Sorry to have been gone for so long here. My eyes have been giving me serious trouble--so much so that I've had to shut down my writing bidness because I can't see the screen most days. At least not well enough to write--and that has taken a toll on me.

My eyes hurt most of the time. Weeeeee! Yes, I'm having fun.