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Today I was awakened to the not-so-delightful sounds of enormous dump trucks, (you know the ones that are a dump truck and they haul a trailer behind?) dumping truck load after truck load of dirt behind my house. Then the most incredibly noisey and squeaky (do they not grease the tracks on those things??) grader began shoving the dirt and rocks around. I had to fight the urge to throw a can of WD40 over the fence to the driver.

It wasn't even eight in the morning. It wasn't even 7:30 yet.

So I reluctantly arose from my bed and cleaned up the kitchen. After it was spotless, I went back upstairs to my freeze-zone (the only room in the house with AC) to do some online banking and make calls to check on medical bills, etc. As I was finishing up, in walks my husband!

At first I had a moment of Oh-no-he's-lost-his-job terror. Then it passed after he smiled. Seems they ran out of work for the day. Odd, but then that's Boeing.

So hubby was roped into going school clothes shopping with me and our two youngest. Yay! I really detest doing this (I'm not a shopper) and it was nice to have him along. First we drove down to Olympia so I could retrieve a thick stack of copied material from the Thurston county Sheriff's office that I'd ordered. Then we went off to Chehalis to the outlet malls there.

Outlet malls are a joke. No deals, just over priced stuff in cute little stores. So we drove a bit further south and shopped somewhere else.

On the way home Allison put her head out the window and I caught a picture of her with my cell phone camera. Here she is....

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Now hubby is downstairs replacing our door knob and dead bolt as it appeared to have been damaged by someone attempting to break into our house. No one got in, but they ruined our lock.

I'm off to fold some laundry (oh the thrill) and then do some reading of the crime investigation paperwork. No wonder I'm having nightmares. :::shudder::


  1. jenny5:29 PM

    I know! Could they not have worked on something on else instead of strating straight away on the side where there are houses?!

    Did someone really try to break into your house? When did this happen? Yikes!

    School shopping, ick. I vote for uniforms! : )

  2. We're not sure exactly when it happened, but it had to have been in the past week. Might have been Friday night.

    Are we still on for lunch tomorrow? Hope so!

  3. jenny5:32 PM

    See, I am so tired I can't think/write straight!
    You know what I meant though, right?

  4. jenny5:33 PM

    Sure same time about 1:15ish? What can I bring?

  5. Ok, how weird is this that we live right next to each other and we're communicating via blogger?? LOL

    Well, I've got some corn dogs for the kids, I thought I'd make us something like a salad. Does that sound all right? You may bring whatever you like. Cabana boys are optional. ::grin::

  6. jenny5:44 PM


    I know!

    Sounds good, see you then. Can't wait to talk to you in person!

  7. jenny5:58 PM

    Lost my train of thought again... That is really scary about someone trying to break in. We were home but never heard anything. Was Cassy home? Maybe she scared them off. Roxanne always lets us know of anything she hears.

  8. There is also the possibility that the builders of our homes put cheap locks on our doors that have simply worn out and broken.

    We just assumed someone had tried to get in. We don't really know for sure. But not taking any chances, we're putting in some heavy duty locks and dead bolts.

    Also, Cassie sleeps in our room with us. The door is closed. The window AC unit is on and it's loud. I can't hear anything to the front of the house. Now, to the back of the house with the dump trucks, yeah. I hear that for sure. You'd have to be dead to miss that!

  9. You sure get a lot of mileage out of that cell phone camera! Love that shot. :)

    Blagh. New neighborhoods are fabulous (we're building for the second time in 3 years) but they definitely have their drawbacks. Loud construction and lack of landscaping to name a couple!

    Sorry to hear of the attempted break-in. I'm sure you'll feel much better with the heavy duty deadbolt in place.

  10. Yes, we love our new home, but the construction nearby? Not so much.

    And yes, hubby got the door all done and it's nice to have a sense of security again.

  11. someone tried to break in? yikes! get an alarm!
    oh uh...and yes, outlet malls are a joke.
    i'm thinking you should put together all these pics of your kids and rearview window images and the ones where they are looking out the window. it's really interesting.

  12. That would be a cool slideshow perhaps.... Hmmmm.

  13. I have the feeling that you drive on the wrong side of the road in your country, in which case you may have been driving the car whilst taking that picture.

    Tut, tut.

  14. no, no, no Dave. You drive on the wrong side of the road m'dear.

    Yes, I was driving the car while I snapped that picture. However hubby was holding the wheel steady for me.

  15. Anonymous2:50 PM

    You sure lead an interesting life... I know that "oh no he lost his job feeling!" I'm glad that wasn't it.

    Yo, give me a call or an email. I need to talk to you!

  16. Dude, I didn't mean to be anonymous... I't me, Your favorite Jeri Lynn! :-)

  17. Pammy darling, a question. Or two questions actually. what does '::' mean, and are you interesting in making money. I have a wild idea - it might be crazy but it might be good.

  18. Jeri Lynn, I'll call you today.

    Tommy dearest, I put the :::'s in for reasons known only to me. And as for making some money, you'll have to send me an email dear.

  19. Our housing association used to insist on strimming and mowing everyone's front gardens and the common areas at 7am. They don't anymore.

    Pamela, I'm with David. Instant £1000 fine with no recourse, over here. Hasn't stopped anyone of course. You want to see their faces though when I make out I'm taking pictures of them with my phone. Great sport.


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