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My Website Launch!

It's up! It's running! It's ALIVE! Pamela's Ghostwriting Service & Exclusive PLR Membership Site

It looks good in IE but sorta icky in Firefox. I will be fixing that shortly, and when I say 'I', I mean my programmer because I am a clueless wonder when it comes to programming.

I'm also offering my members a private forum, article directory in English and soon to be in Spanish as well.

I was up until 3:30 this morning working via the web with my very patient and very ill programmer, Jeri Lynn. She was so sick, but kept on working. She's an amazingly wonderful person. I recommend her quite highly.

At any rate, there it is.

I think I'll go fall over now.

My Birthday!

Thursday is my birthday. I won't tell you exactly how old I'll be, but suffice it to say that it's an anniversary of my 25th. No, I'm not 50, so hush.

For my birthday I'm launching a new writing business venture that I hope will be wildly successful.

I plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from this to Wonderland Developmental Center. This is where our baby Ashley was welcomed after her stroke. They taught her to talk, to walk, to be all that she could be, despite the limitations imposed upon her by her disability. Without their love and care, I'm not sure where she'd be today.

So, stay tuned for the link to my new venture. It will go LIVE on Thursday as a birthday present to myself and a huge thank you to the wonderful, caring staff at Wonderland Developmental Center.

Cascade Effect...

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from my sister. Seems her 11 year old was throwing up.
My 11 year old is staying with them.

The next thing I hear is the sound of puking coming from her 14 year old, who is staying with us. She threw up all over the family room.

Then I hear the unmistakable sounds of my 9 year old tossing HER cookies all over our bedroom floor.

Later, it's the 18 year old, home for Thanksgiving from college, rushing to the bathroom to upchuck as well.

We spend the night cleaning up puke, bathing children covered in puke, washing sheets and blankets and towels covered in said puke.

I got a phone call this morning that my 11 year old is now throwing up as well.

I'm not feeling too well myself right now....

....If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all....gloom, despair and agony on meeeeee.....

Anyone recognize where that song came from?

Black Friday

Not sure why they call it that.....and don't feel inclined to google it either.

I overslept and was late to work. My boss (me) was not happy and although I have no fear of being fired, I do fear she will force me to work overtime today to make up for my lack of punctuality.

I took the ENTIRE day off yesterday! My fingers did not touch a keyboard for over 24 hours. And lo, the world did not cease to exist. Miracle of miracles!

We went up to Seattle and had Thanksgiving with the family. Good food, good times.

Came home and cleaned up the kitchen from the previous night's pumpkin/cherry pie baking frenzy and spent the remainder of the evening reading! Yes! It was heaven. Hubby asked me how I could stand to read when my entire life seems consumed by words. How could I want to read when I spend all day writing? I explained that it's a different dynamic. I get to be entertained, rather than be the one entertaining. I'm taken away and relaxed.

It's all good.


Pamela's Lament

I walked into the store this morning and saw a sign that read:

35 Days Till Christmas

I was less than amused.

And just a little frightened.

I saw a house with Christmas lights aglow tonight.

Too much is hurried these days. One season bleeds into the next, with no defined edges. I like edges. I like order.

There's not enough of it in my life sometimes.


No, I'm not writing while wearing a white sheet over my head--although that does sound appealing at the moment. I'm ghost-writing an eBook on ancient eastern wisdom for a client, writing various and sundry introductions on webpages for another client, finishing up another eBook on slow cooker cooking for yet another client and managing to do so from the warmth of a lovely coffee shop.

Speaking of doing things in a ghostly manner: my two youngest girls were playing a rousing game of Ghost tag the other evening with one of their friends. Ghost tag involves putting a sheet over your head (sans eye holes) and racing around the house at top speed.

You can just imagine what's going to happen next, right? Right. Head first into the wall.

Hey, where did that wall come from? Who put that there?

Ashley didn't break her nose, but it wasn't pretty.

Ghost tag is now verboten.

My Baby is Baaaaaaack!

She's home from college. From her first semester away. Home for Thanksgiving.

She stumbled into the house around 3 a.m after driving for 12 hours with some other college friends. She'd never looked more beautiful.

I hugged her until she said, "uh....ok, that's enough. Hello? Mom? Stop!"

I figured I was entitled since it had been three months since I'd seen her. Oh sure, we talked on the phone, texted and exchanged emails, but that's not physical contact. I just needed to hold her for a few hours minutes.

You know how us moms are.....


I've found a new place to love. Forza. It's like a starbucks without all the pretentious coffee-speak and high prices. It also has FREE WI-FI!

I've been here for three hours and have gotten a lot done. I plan on staying for a few more hours until I finish up at least two eBooks.

Then I'm off to the grade school to work at the book fair. After that it's a doc appt. for me. (Double vision attack last night--never a good thing)

Then it's piano lessons for Ally and the whole make-dinner-clean-up-do-homework-drive-son-to-gf's-house deal. Busy, busy, busy.

Still working on my website launch. New scheduled date is the Monday after Thanksgiving. I sure hope it's able to work this time!


I spent the entire day in bed.

Well, not the entire day. I got up at six to take The Boy to seminary but the surburban wouldn't start. It was frozen solid but I'm not sure that had anything to do with it.

I crawled back into bed for a bit.

That 'bit' lasted all day.

I do not like migraines. No siree. It's put me way behind.


My sweet Ashley handed me a glass of eggnog just a bit ago. I hadn't asked for one and probably shouldn't have had one. My other sweet daughter Allison said, "Mom, she just pretty much handed you a glass full of death"

Hey, when you're right, you're right.

Doesn't mean I didn't drink it down of course. sigh.

T-mobile hot spots

I'm such a newbie to this whole wi-fi hotspot starbucks thing. When I purchased a day pass on Thursday to work on my laptop there I assumed that the 24 hour pass I bought could be used anytime until the time was up.

Turns out it's a consecutive pass, meaning to take full advantage of it I'd have to be here at Starbucks for a full 24 hours. Now I don't know about you, but hello?? I don't know of a 24 hour starbucks and I certainly would not and COULD not spend a full 24 hours there working.

In the first place, my brain would explode from attempting to write 24 hours non-stop, secondly, I'd be buying too many caramel apple ciders and eat up any writing profits I'd hope to make during that time. It's not exactly a win-win.

So when I couldn't sign in today you can understand my confusion when it said I had to buy more time. I called, they understood my problem and gave me another day pass, that I have to use for a consecutive 24 hours to receive th…


No, I don't drink coffee, but I do enjoy a nice hot apple caramel cider occasionally and I'm enjoying one right now. I decided that I was too distracted at home lately so I'm trying an experiment. After I drop Chris off in the morning I go right to the Starbucks and work from there for four or five hours.

This also has the added benefit of keeping me awake and not being sucked back into bed, which happens sometimes.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday is the new Monday...

Long day. Ashley had x-ray time after a doctor visit. Her weak foot was injured/strained in gym class. Then last night she had a strange thing happen. It wasn't a seizure, but it looked like one. Her right side locked up and she was in pain.

Something is going on...

I think tomorow I will go and write during the day in nearby starbucks. There's less distractions there than here at home and I seem to be easily distracted of late.

My new website launch has been pushed back until we can work out some glitches in the system. I have the BEST people working on it. I am surrounded by good friends and I am blessed.


In my quest to take over the world Internet, my programmer and webmistress are here today, tonight and even spending the night. We're working on my launch that is scheduled for Monday.

Stay tuned for more details.... We're pulling an all-nighter, something I haven't done since college (or with sick kids after that) with the hope of getting everything up and running.