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It's 2 a.m. do you know where your husband is..

Yes...he's on his way home right now. I hope. He's had to work overtime a few nights this week and I know it's been hard on him.

I figured since he had to work--so did I. So I just finished up another eBook and some articles for some clients.

I'm sure the dog is upset with me because I've had the light on all night. I can tell because she keeps heaving these huge sighs of discontent from her doggie bed in the corner.

Tomorrow is Friday....oh wait. It's today already. It's been a long week.

Chris had some surgery on his foot on Wednesday. Lance went with him as I've seen enough blood and gore for awhile. He even took some pictures which I won't share with you because again--I've seen enough ick. You should thank me, as those pictures were horrible. Chris is recovering quite nicely and I'm sure he'll be back to jumping on the trampoline soon.

I've had my bedroom window open all day as I've sat here and worked. My blinds…

Pike Place Market

We took a little trip and played tourist on Saturday at the Pike Place Market. The day was gorgeous. Blue skies, sunshine and of course massive amounts of people. There was a lady with a huge parrot that she allowed people to hold. You'll see in the slideshow below that Stephanie and Allison both held it. And yes, my eldest is no longer a blond.

This morning after the rug rats were all safely on their way to the waiting arms of their teachers I kidnapped hubby before he could crawl back into bed and put the doggie in the back of the suburban and we went to a nearby park for a long walk. There is an off-leash area there for doggies and our Cassie just loved that part. Then on the way home we stopped off for protein smoothies.

Hey, does this mean we're trying to be healthier? Well, yeah. I am anyway.

February 14th...

I've been so busy I haven't had time to put up the last and final gift for Valentine's Day.

If you look closely you can see Lance in the reflection on the balloon as he was taking the picture. A red heart balloon and a single red rose and a beautiful card. But that wasn't all. After the kids left he kidnapped me and we took a ferry boat in Puget sound to a remote island where he'd arranged to have a magnificent brunch served to us. Fresh salmon and asparagus, chocolate puddings, tarts, fresh fruits, creme brule' and then there was a three string orchestral group playing off to the side that really set the mood. We were looking out the window of this rustic place, right on the beach, watching the ferries going back and forth, as we held hands across the table and talked about things.

I think I had too much sparkling cider and warm food because I was feeling so drowsy.....that I fell asleep.

When I woke up I realized that the balloon, the flower and the card …

February 13th...

Two lil M&M dudes left on my laptop this morning.

I made four pizzas today. The dough raised well, and then I made two Garlic ranch with sweet onions, zucchini and mushrooms, one stuffed crust cheese and one with the BBQ sauce and rib meat from the dinner I made the other day. Yummeriffic.

Oh, and I did our taxes.

And now, back to work. I have major deadlines. ::slaps forehead in high dramatic fashion:::

February 12th...

Today he left me a Reeses Peanut Butter heart and a beanie baby bear with a heart that says 'kiss me'

Awwwww, I know. I'd call it cute but Vicus would have a fit again.

Yesterday I took Chris to seminary and then hit the pool. It felt so good. Then I did some grocery shopping on the way home. I baked chocolate chip cookies for lunches and for the guy at Lance's work that gives him a ride home at night most of the time. I don't know what we'd do if he wasn't so kind. It takes a load off of me, that's for sure, especially when Lance is working till 2a.m. and I have to get up at five.

Then I cooked some country style ribs and made my mama's barbecue sauce for them to simmer in. I got it all ready for Lance before he left for work so he could have that and some mashed taters and green salad.

The girls and I went out in search of their Valentine's day cards for school and then I took them for a peach and strawberry frap at their favorite place…

February 10th and 11th.....

Today you get a twofer because I didn't turn my laptop on yesterday. Not once. Nope. Nary a click. Nothing. I did it to save my sanity and reintroduce myself to the children.

Kids: "who is that in our kitchen?"
Lance: "Don't worry, it's just Mom"
Kids: "We're scared!"
Lance: "Me too."

For the tenth he gave me that little red gift bag with See's key lime truffles inside. I was a good girl and I shared them with everyone, mostly because they knocked me down and forced me to do so.

Today is that cute little glass teddy bear with red heart, sitting on a pedestal that lights up and changes colors. Way cute.

Ok, back to work Pammy.

February 9th...

Awww.....this gift made me laugh. I'm sure everyone knows the importance of green M&M's, right?

I'll be spending the day working--trying to catch up. I got behind with my work by having the tummy flu this week. Steph and Chris are both working most of the day today so Lance and the girls are on their own this gray overcast Saturday. I'll be holed up in our room typing out Internet Marketing articles and eBooks.

I did land another great big client yesterday, which is nice.

..and I thought I was swamped before....

February 8th...

He's so sweet. Before he left for work today (or before I drove him to work I mean) he gave Ashley Rose something to give to me. She was grinning and holding it behind her back.

A little bear holding a heart that says 'smooch', inside a gorgeous red mug with the word 'love' inscribed on it.

He makes me smile....

Poor girls were home today with the tummy flu that I've been fighting for two days. Steph got it first, then me, now the girls. I hope Lance doesn't get it too. It's not pretty...

February 7th...

Yay! Something I love!

Besides him of course :)

February 6th....

A little better day today. Still not quite right, but better. I'll take better.

Hubby left this next to my laptop this afternoon before work.

February 5th...

Bad night, horrid migraine today.... Bleck. Ugh. Ick. Also, taking handfulls of ibuprofen and vicodine isn't a good idea on a nearly empty stomach. For the record, three saltines is not enough to make your tummy full enough to make a difference.

Hubby left this on my laptop before he went to work....

I love this guy...

February 4th...

There was a 2 hour school delay for the kids due to the ice on the roads but since I was up before six anyway, I just stayed up and worked at the kitchen table while it was still quiet.

Around 11 or so I hit a wall and had to crash. I fell asleep for about an hour on the living room couch and when I woke up, this was on my laptop waiting for me.

These are dice. One dice has things on it like 'kiss my' and 'tickle my' and the other one says 'my face' 'my legs' and my favorite, 'SURPRISE!'

I laughed and went in search of him. He was upstairs with three blankets over him and a pillow over his head. Asleep.

Aren't we an exciting old married couple? LOL

February Third

This morning he placed this cute little white teddy bear in the bathroom inside, clothing so I'd find it after my shower. He's so cute....

Today was Isaac's Blessing and afterwards they all came here for a brunch.

February Second...

He left a red silk rose on our bed for me....

Happy February 1st!

I couldn't understand just why Lance kept saying 'wasn't I going to Forza this morning?' when I'd had no intention of going today. Forza is the coffee shop that I work from when I can't concentrate at home. He kept saying it...and I kept saying that I wanted to stay home and work....

I finally found out why. He wanted me to look inside my laptop bag.

When I did...I found this...

You see, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away from children and mortgages and kitty hork, there was a young couple very much in love. The young lady had an idea for February. She started on February 1st by leaving him a small gift of candy and a card. February 2nd she left him another treat...and another the next day and the next and the next unitl finally on February 14th she did some ridiculously crazy stunt for him.

I have a feeling that my husband remembers that month in that galaxy far, far away and is about to reprise it for me.

I love him.