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I spent a very frustrating hour and a half at a Verizon store today. My umbilical cord cell phone was dead. I couldn't get it to turn on, turn over or take out the trash. much like my teenagers.

I could have gotten a very cool new phone with all the bells and whistles. One that could wipe my nose, vacuum my floors, do my laundry, flush all the bad cholesterol out of my system put me into even more debt than I already am while pretending to make me cool because I could access my email and leave Facebook updates while driving my gas guzzling SUV and putting on my makeup at the same time.

But I didn't. You see that would have extended my cell phone plan for another two year contract. I'd rather have ground glass added to my morning muesli than sign another contract with Verizon right now.

I bet there are more people out there---and I don't yet know their names but I DO know their faces and a wee bit more about them---who feel the same way. Or who WILL feel the sam…

Let's see.....

Today I took hubby to get a spinal root block. We're not sure if it's working or not. The doc said we'd have to wait a week or so to really know.

Papa took Ash to her swim therapy at Children's Hospital and then I took her to school. She missed school yesterday because we had a bad night on Sunday. I held her in my arms all night. Three of us in a bed isn't as easy as it used to be when she was an infant.

Today I spoke to her Neurologist and they increased her anti-seizure meds again. Ashley wasn't too thrilled with this news.

I was going to go to the gym today but I was so tired.... Oh well. We'll go tomorrow after we drop off the girls.

Now aren't you glad you read all of this?

My babies....

I have a new digital scrapbooking program but I can't seem to make the pictures fit into my blog. Here goes another try....

Mid Winter Break

Yes, the school district thinks that right after winter break we should be gifted with a mid-winter break. Next up? Spring break. Or something even sooner. We took advantage of this time off to go to the beach cabin and then up to Sequim, Port Angeles and locations further north and west and ....and and....well, you'll see.

First up was a two day visit to the beach cabin. Can you say brrrrrrrrr? I have pictures to share later. Then....

Because you can never spend too much time at Children's Hospital

At least it seems that way.

Ash wasn't doing so well after her day with the Neuro. She was in a tremendous amount of pain and I waited to see if it would didn't.

So off to the ER she and I went. A very nice, very young ER fourth year med student checked her out. (Is it me, or are they getting younger and younger? I fully expect the next time we go to have a boy with a squeaky voice who hasn't yet finished puberty attend to us)

They sent us for tests.

Her pain lessened and they allowed her to walk with her Hannah Montana blanket around her shoulders. Everything is helped by a liberal dose of Hannah Montanna.

Her daddy left work to join us, thankfully. I hate being alone down there.

We got home around 3 a.m., which isn't bad for us time wise. It's been worse. It's been better.

I'm just glad it's over. We've got a huge bottle of stuff to help. Why yes, we are keeping the pharmacology giants in business. Her prescription totals this …

Neurology Visit

Ash and I had an adventure at Seattle Children's Hospital

It was to be a short Neuro visit but the doc didn't like what he heard, so it turned into a trip to the Heart Clinic for an EKG, then a resting, sitting and standing blood pressure and the really good time was saved for last.

The lab.

Since she hadn't had breakfast we could do a fasting blood draw on kidney, liver, and glucose levels. However, Ash has an aversion to needles.

"But Mooooooom! I don't LIKE NEEDLES!"
"I know honey"
"No one likes needles honey. No one"
"But I REALLY hate them!"

The tech tied off her arm and then Ash had a fit.

We unstrapped her and then went back to neuro to get the ok for some EMLA cream, which takes half an hour to numb the skin. We couldn't get the neuro back and then a miracle happened.


Peggy has been Ashley's physical therapist since she was a baby and Ashley adores her. Each time we're at the hosp…

Lookeee what I found on my cell phone

Apparently my husband decided to take a cell pic with my camera right before the doc was about to plunge a rather large needle into my knee joint. I guess this is payback for all the pictures I've taken of him in unsettling medical circumstances.

Yes, those are crocs on my feet. Stop laughing.

Limping along

Keep forgetting to update this blog. My apologies.


Saw the surgeon. MRI shows I didn't tear my meniscus, I split it in half. Yep. You read correctly. I split the danged thing in two. I've always been an over achiever. The doc then proceeded to put an extremely long needle into my knee joint and inject some steroidal compound there. I can't say it was pleasant. Well, I could, but I'd be lying. You may hear the rumor that I bit one of Lance's fingers off during the procedure. That's an exaggeration. Really. I swear.

I have another appointment to see how the injection worked and to talk surgery options. Ugh.

In the meantime I have lots of lovely little pills.

We joined the Y and started going to the pool in the mornings after we drop the girls off at school. It's been good and relaxing and I can move in the pool without pain, which is a plus. Lance is there right now with the girls and I'm here working on ....uh....well, I'm suppo…