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Times they are a changin'...

And it's never more evident that when you see pictures of your children three years apart...

This was taken in 2009.

And this was taken in 2011

Where did that time go? So many changes in them, in what they're doing with their lives and how we are as a family. Some of it hurts my heart to think about, some of it is good.

Ah, change. Not a fan.


No, not me silly. Well, perhaps a bit, but that's not the focus today children.

There is no focus. Unless you want to have a focus, then focus away.

Today is Wednesday. I only know that because I looked. If I were Scottish I'd have said, "I kent that.." I've been reading a series of books about a woman who goes back in time through some standing stones in Scotland. It's full of kilts, sporrans, large hairy men with broadswords and lots of Scottish words that I don't ken. Well, I do ken, but if I were to suddenly break out in Gaelic no one here would understand me. Although I'm not entirely certain that I ken Gaelic.

What I DO ken, however, is that my lovely summer freedom is slowly coming to an end. School begins on the 12th and I go back to work on the 5th. I've enjoyed my time off. Being a lady of leisure has it's appeal. I ken that.

Yesterday, due to an unfortunate and slightly humorous foot puncturing, my husband did not ha…