Saturday, March 30, 2013

Offensive Offerings for the Easily Offended

Not really. Although it appears that by sharing my beliefs and opinions, I have managed to send a few people into apoplectic shock. I'm not sure how that works exactly---tolerance is the key and a highly touted value for some, unless an opinion differs from theirs. Then you of the differing beliefs are racists, bigots, haters, and other names uttered in hatred in coarse language that I don't use.

For the record? I'm not a bigot. Nor am I a racist, nor do I hate women, gays, people who Cos play, undocumented aliens, heterosexuals, people who get abortions, people who drink, smoke, use drugs, engage in a promiscuous lifestyle, The Amish, The Baptists, Palestinians, Israelis, Muslims and homeless people begging on street corners. I do not hate fat people, but I am a little perturbed at all my skinny friends. That's just me, of course.
This past week there was a flurry of people putting an equal sign as their user picture up on Facebook. I put up a picture of bacon. I also put up a picture of a man and a woman holding hands. Well, not a man and a woman per se, it was more of the universal sign for woman and the universal sign for a male seen on most restrooms around the world.

This too was offensive to some. Because I believe a certain way, I am labeled a heinous, unfeeling, mean person.

Anyone who knows me in the real world knows that nothing could be further from the truth.

And while I understand you (anyone and everyone out there reading this blog) are not me, do not have my beliefs, do not have the life experiences that I have, or the values that I hold dear, that's just fine. My friends here in the real world are not all vanilla. We are all different. We are all the same. We are, each of us, children of our Father in Heaven. Whatever trials and experiences we have been given to us, have been given to us for a reason. I do not know that answer to all things, but this I do know; We are all equal in God's eyes. He loves me, even though I am a sinner. I am thankful for my faith. I am thankful for friends who accept me, warts and all. Just as I do them.

Happy Easter, everyone. For He is risen.