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May is coming, and coming fast. I know it doesn't come more quickly than any other month, it just seems to me that time is flying past me at warp speed. Soon it will be June. School will be out.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

Debido a la ultima post, que fue tan triste, cambiare' este post. No es que siento mas feliz, sino que se q' todo el mundo no quiere escuchar de mis tribulaciones. Hay bastantes, pero, pues.....hoy no.

Here's an encapsulated-Readers-Digest-Version of why we were in Eastern Washington yesterday. Two days previously, Lance and I had attempted some 'Time Alone'. Apparently 'Time Alone' means we get where we're going( Leavenworth), a pretty little Bavarian-esqu village over Steven's Pass, and our 'Time Alone' gets diverted into 'Whaddya-MEAN-BY-TRYING-TO-HAVE-ALONE-TIME?'. As we arrived, our suburban started sounding like a jet engine with a few bad parts. Plus, there was no oil pressure. 8 hours, $250 and on…

Easter and the Beach and Honesty and Pain

I don't want to talk about Easter....or the Beach, although the beach cabin was soothing to my soul. I want to talk about honesty and about pain.

I saw a friend, an acquaintance really, at the grocery store this morning. I'd stopped there after I'd rushed to the high school to deliver some pain meds to my girl. I called her name and said hi, she smiled and said hi. "How are you?", she said. "Fine", said I.

I'm so far from fine I don't think I could find it in the dictionary if I tried. Why do we smile and say we're good when we are the furthest thing from it? Why do we lie? For lie it is---most often we aren't fine, we're not good or even fair. We're distressed and depressed and stressed and in heart wrenching agony, but we dress up our faces with false smiles and we present them to the world and we....lie.

Perhaps because we've been told to stand up straight and smile so often by our elders. "If you can'…

Teenage Mutant Drivers

This was first published in 2004, but since I'm going through it again, I thought it appropriate to post again. And why, you may ask? It's because I have NEW Mutant Teenage Driver.

Teenage Mutant Drivers
I am a horrible driver. I’ve been doing it wrong for years and I had no idea. Although I have caused no accidents, nor participated in any collisions requiring bodywork or insurance agents, I am still Driving Impaired. The fact that I’ve never had a ticket doesn’t mean that I know what I’m doing either. How could I have gone for years and years thinking—nay believing that I was a safe and conscientious driver, you might ask? The answer is clear. I never had a teenager in my car with a Drivers Permit in her purse. Not only does she hold a legal document, entitling her to get behind the wheel of a car whilst one of her adult progenitors white-knuckles the dashboard, it appears that her license is also gives her…er, license to tell me every move I make is the wr…