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Over active tear ducts

Sundays are always special days for me---going to church and feeling the fellowship there. Being among good people, with caring hearts. My heart was full today, as I sat in Sacrament meeting and the hymns played. My heart was so full that it over-filled my eyes and spilled down my face.

I could not stop crying. They were not tears of despair. They were part heartfelt prayer of gratitude for my blessings and part sorrow at circumstances beyond my control. We have been incredibly blessed these past two months. One elderly sister was making a dinner for family---and made an extra pan of it for someone, but she didn't know who. It was for us. She had prayed that morning that she might be of service to someone in need. It was on a night where I'd spent about 12 hours working in the house, trying to fit the four of us into just the upstairs of the house. I was wiped out, exhausted to the point of tears (I have very weak tear ducts)and nearly unable to stand one more minut…

Puppies and Incisions and Interpreting Against the Rules

It's Sunday night. Go time. Get ready to start the week. I spent all day in bed---no, I really did. Yesterday wore me out. We moved Allison into our room, moved us into her room and moved Ashley into our room. Our former room. Now Alli and Ash are sharing our big room and we have the itty bitty room. Stephanie will also be moving into the room with her sisters.

We'll see how long that lasts.

Three girls in one room + two sinks+one shower= future tirades I can already hear from here.

I hope and pray this teaches them compassion, patience, sharing, caring and that they come out on the other side of this experience better human beings. I will do my very best to facilitate this goal. In the mean time, wheeeeee!

Week One down of school and work (for me) It felt like a month. By the time Friday rolled around I was ready to drop. And drop I did. For a whole ten minutes. Then I got up and took Alli to meet her friends at the football game. (Go Thunderbirds!) Then I sur…

My name is not Job....

But I play him on TV

Just kidding. I don't play anyone on TV, although I was once told I have a Doppelgänger in England who is an actress. I'm not sure what this says about the standards of British Television, but to each their own.

I am not Job, of Bible fame. I'm actually quite fine. I'm better than fine, I am humbled and grateful and thankful. There have been so many prayers lifted up on our behalf, so much service given willingly and kindly and .....we have been incredibly blessed. Overcome with the kindness and goodness of people.

Over 30 years ago, I served as a Relief Society President in a Spanish Branch of the church, after my mission to Venezuela. I met a young man there, his name was Mark Body. He married a cute little blond girl, I eventually married a tall blond guy and we went our separate ways. We'd see each other around, or hear of each others families, but we didn't live near each others family until Facebook reconnected Mark's …

Another Loss

In June my teaching position was cut from the school district. Yesterday my Interpreter position was terminated as well.

I admit that I didn't have a good day yesterday. I wanted to run away---but I had no where to go and a disabled husband and children to get home to and take care of. My running away consisted of driving around aimlessly for about an hour, sobbing and sort of screaming every once in a while. You know, just to let off a little steam.

Not sure it did anything good but it felt good to do something.

So we are now faced with some unpleasantness regarding finances and living arrangements.

I'm feeling a bit shattered and broken of late. I'm trying not to---but I do.

I'm really doing my best to look on the bright side of things. I spent a good portion of today writing thank you notes to people that have helped us and prayed for us and I was hoping it would take my mind off of things for a bit.

It did. For a bit.

For the record---I still want …

The Weary Woman

The Strong Woman has had enough.

"You put four children on this earth and you barely support them" This was sent to her via email by her oldest child. "You barely support them".

Three days after the 24 hours of labor and deliver of this particular child, The Strong Woman spent three days sleeping on a pull out lumpy bed by her infants side at Children's Hospital. She wouldn't allow the nurses to change the diapers, because that was her job. When the infant was in the incubator and the nurse attempted to place the sticky part of the diaper on the tender infant skin---the Strong Woman, who up until that point wouldn't have said boo to a spider because she was Timid Woman, spoke up and made the nurse change her plans so as not to hurt her beautiful infant.

As the infant girl grew, The Strong Woman became even stronger. In fact it was because of the infant that the woman became strong. When the girl was 18 months old, she complained that her back …