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Ha. Pain? Ha.

I am so proud of myself that I was able to drag myself out of bed this morning. Of course, the first things I partook of before my banana oatmeal were ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant. I'm sure I'll be able to stand upright soon.

I went to the pool yesterday, yay me! No going fetal. I was a good girl, mostly because I'd promised myself I would go. I felt better after the workout, then came home and tackled The House.

Trust me, The House needed tackling, but it needed it from a big beefy linebacker with a strong spine, not me with my defective back. Despite the spasms as I bent over to pick up something near the front door (thank goodness the shoe bench was there to catch me as I went down) I kept on going.

The House is now clean. It looks wonderful.

Just an FYI, we cancelled our home phone service, so if you have that number, let it go. We also cancelled our cable, and the children will be reading more, communicating with us more, going to bed on time, not watching MTV, learning to use their gray matter once again complaining quite loudly as soon as the connection is cut off. I believe it's happening this afternoon. Despite their comments to the contrary, they will survive.

Today the girls have dental appointments, then Achievement Days. As soon as I get them off to school this morning, I'm going to head to gym pool and then the jacuzzi to see if I can loosen up this back. Wish me luck. If you don't hear from me again. I ran off with the pool boy.


  1. Don't run off with the pool boy! What would we all do with out you! Well, if you can still get online and write, then I guess go ahead. But only if he is cute and is also a massage therapist.

    Back pain, ouch.

  2. Pammy babe, this back problem of yours is worrying me (god you have a filthy mind).
    Luv ya and get better soon.

  3. I'm not running off with any pool boy. I'm pretty partial to my blond hubby. :grin:

    Tommy luv, I'm good. It's been a life long issue for me. I'll be better as long as I keep going to the pool.


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