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People are rude

I'm whining today. I think I have the right. My friend's mom sells Cookie Lee Jewelry and I agreed to host a party for her at my home tonight.

I sent out about twenty invitations via the mail and I only had two people call me to say they couldn't come. Two. Two kind people called to let me know they would not be able to make it. The rest ignored the invitation.

I cleaned my house, I made two apple crisps. This afternoon I called everyone I sent invitations to. I know people are busy. I get that. it's not that I'm not busy either.

I'm just...disappointed in people. I feel let down. Silly of me, huh? But I do.

Good thing I have apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for my family tonight.

On a positive note, I went to the pool this morning and had a nice workout. Felt better for having done that and plan on going tomorrow as well.

Now I'm getting the 'what's for dinner mooooom???' queries. I think tonight it will be fast food. I'm all played out right now.


  1. And why didn't you invite Vicus and me? Wait, I just remembered our previous posts. Never mind.

  2. I should have! You would love LOVELY in a coral pink necklace!

  3. Got anything in a radish red or black?

  4. Again with the radishes.

    I still think pink is your color.

  5. Naw, the pink clashes with the hazel in my eyes.

    Anything in a turnip or rutabaga?

  6. I think a light pink would complement the silver in your hair and beard. A lovely match.

  7. If I were a transvestite I'd just hug you and buy ten

  8. Stop making me feel good. I want to wallow in the insensitivity and callousness of my fellow man, er woman.

  9. Then Vicus and I should be just the ticket :^D

  10. Yes, but I assume that vicus is sleeping at this very moment, so he's of no use to me.

    You, however, are here and will do nicely.

    Are you working late or just playing online?

  11. Decompressing, actually, and listening to a little music

  12. Well, thank you for helping lift my spirits a bit, as you decompress.

  13. No good deed goes unpunished, I always say ;^D>

  14. Prepare to be punished!

    Go read kaligula kronicles.

  15. I did get some hopefully news today though - our group editor has decided that the maniacs harassing me at work should be allowed to let the paper revert back to the rag it was before. Meanwhile, I'd get a sort of roving commission as group projects editor which would let me work with all the group's news departments without the hassle of our wonderful general manager. The regional publisher is receptive t the idea so far.

  16. What did you write? >B^D>>>>>

  17. I was going to ask you how things were going. That sounds promising. Do you think the regional publisher will give it the thumbs up?

  18. Me? Write something? Ooooh, on Kaligula. Nawww. Although now that I think about it.....

  19. Not just Vicus - you should have invited all your British readers. We're far too polite not to come. Especially if there's food.

  20. missed you yesterday while blogger fiddled with its tinfoil hat.
    1. cutie baby! cutie baby eating a chip-chip! omg!!!!!
    2. here in my backwater parties like those are attended to overflowing...pampered chef, avon, holiday homes, candlecraft, etc. i get about six invites a month this time of the year. wtf is wrong with folks up your way? how damn rude is that????? it looks like cute jewelry, too. hell, ida made it! earrings? are you kidding?
    if you ever do pampered chef i am SO there, girlfriend.

  21. I am so sorry Pam. I hope you are feeling better today. I really wonder why is it people don't rsvp anymore? I used to think it was just my husband's family. (They wouldn't call but would show up with 6 people. Or I would just plan for them and get stuck with tubs and tubs of potato salad.) I want to THANK YOU again for the AWESOME apple crisp and ice cream! To die for!!! It brought tears to my eyes because it also came with a big whollop of guilt. We are so lucky to have such generous neighbors. And just yesterday afternoon Pete accepted a job in Wisconsin, we are moving. : (

  22. Please tell me you're kidding. PLEASE I am sad beyond words.

  23. FN, the nexx time I am having a party, you will be invited. I'm only three or our hours from Sumas :grin:

    Dave, you're right! Where are my manners? I should have sent engraved invites to all my British readers. Next time you're on the list as well.

    I really don't think there will BE a next time, however. Nope. I'm soooo done with that stuff.

  24. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Is it to late for me to accept? I hope the apple crisp is devoid of animal products. I am a bit fussy.
    Now, stop being sad. This is just a few folks being thoughtless. Be happy for the ones around you.
    And also glory in the fact that FE, my fellow pedant, said "revert back". Just up there, can you see it?

  25. Lets see, the apple crisp was made from apples, brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, whole oats and butter.
    Is that pure enough for you m'dear vicus? It really is delicious.

  26. My word, I did commit a redundancy!

    I stand abashed. My word, I feel like Adam. I'm going to be sick

  27. But before go into shock, Vicus, you'd appreciate my new, potential assignment. I'd be like Albert Ball, except 25 years older, greyer of hair, not as good a shot or pilot, and not as talented with the violin.

  28. Anonymous1:31 AM

    The apple crisp is pure enough, you Pamela, however, demand further scrutiny.

    her purity is really, really, um, pure.
    so there! YOU! and just don't you forget it either!

  30. This, of course, coming from someone with a truly fascinating corn dog tattoo on display >;^D>

  31. Which only goes to show that she knows the difference between pure and impure.

  32. Now, did I say her tattoo was impure? >B^D>


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