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did I mention busy?

It's truly amazing the difference a week makes in your life when there's been such enormus changes taking place.

I may not be around as much....but I'm all right. I'm good in fact. Life is good. And only getting better.

Weekend is done....

I spent the majority of the weekend working, sending three finished eBooks to clients. I'm loving what I'm doing more than I ever believed possible. I received an email from a client this morning and I thought I'd share it.

Hi Pamela,

I must say I'm very impressed with what you've given me here. Your writing style stands out for me as world-class. I was a newspaper reporter for six years and editor for four, and I know an exceptional writer when I see one.

Your work also stands out for me in how you went to the added step of adding appropriate graphics and formatting it... a very nice touch I appreciate.

In fact, this is the first time I've received a ghostwritten book that would be ready to sell as is. In other words, dare I say it's perfect as it is?

Thank you - you impress me as being in a league of your own, and I am interested in learning about your services for other projects, although now that I've swelled your head ;-))....

So I sent him my client p…

Life is good....

...and getting better all the time.

I've been working extra hard of late, even having to miss out on going to the fair with hubby and the girls in order to work for twelve hours that day.

I'm quite excited about my work now, mostly due to the fact that I've been given so much of it, and am getting more all the time. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of me, but I'll handle it. I've delivered three eBooks to clients in the past three days and I have more to go.

Today I took the grand step of talking to an acountant and began the process of setting up an LLC for my business.

Next step, taking the family to Hawaii! Wheeeeeee!

So You Want To Make Money Online??

WOOO HOOOO! I was just given RAVE reviews of my eBook by some BIG NAME Internet Marketers!!

e-Writing for Fun and Profit
A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money By Writing Online

If you’re interested in purchasing my eBook, send $21.77 to my paypal account at pamelatroeppl at, then email me the confirmation number and I’ll send you this incredibly fun and easy guide to making money doing what you love.


For everyone that purchases my eBook, I’m tossing in an EXTRA BONUS that will make you even MORE money!

I'm having such fun with this and you can too!! Come on and join the party!!

I'm Being Stalked

Pamela's Column for Pacific Publishing

September 16, 2007

I’m being stalked. I’m not sure the police can help me with my situation. To tell you the truth I probably brought this on myself. I was too nice, too giving, too available and encouraged the attention from this person when deep down inside I sometimes felt like screaming “Leave me alone!!” and running far, far away. But I didn’t. I stayed in this relationship probably longer than was healthy and I fear I caused this dependence. I know the experts counsel stalking victims that it’s really not their fault, that the stalker has issues and that you are not to blame.
They couldn’t be more wrong in this case. I know I made mistakes with this person. I gave them money, I paid for their cell phone and I even bought them clothes. When we went out to eat, I always paid. I know, I know, I was gullible. I should have known better and stood up for myself.

I admit it. It’s my fault.

In the past week I’ve gotten 1,375 text messages…

I'm Being Stalked

There’s something to be said for having the kids back in school and being able to spend time alone with the spousal unit. We got up this morning and got all the offspring off to school then fell back into bed and slept. Sleep = exciting for us middle aged doddering fools.

I’ve been texted, emailed, phoned and harassed by the freshman college daughter for the past week. I’m considering changing my phone number, my email address and quite possibly my home address if this keeps up. I think she’s stalking me. A restraining order is not out of the question.
Ah yes, this is what I dreamed of when I thought of my fledglings leaving the nest and being adults. It’s thrilling. It’s amazing, really. I feel incredibly free. No, really.

I can hardly wait for an entire empty nest. I think around that time I’ll be moving to a cave in the Andes with no cell service.

Cascade Orthotics Casting Day...

Ashley was pretty good about the whole thing. She should be, I think this is her 7 or 8th time being casted for a new leg brace. You can see a slideshow of her here doing her thang.

She's getting a new kind of DAFO, which moves easier and is designed to help children with her form of cerebral palsy move more naturally.


Hubby and I are taking our youngest to Seattle to be casted for a new DAFO (an articulated leg brace to help with her spasticity issues). I'm truly amazed that she's being so good about this, as she's refused to wear her brace for some time now.

The old one has grown too small and a new one is needed. She's even expressed interest in getting a hand brace to keep her thumb out of her fisted hand. I'm so thankful for her willingless to do this and that her level of maturity is allowing her to recognize the need. And all this from a little 8 year old!

What a long strange and expensive trip it's been....

She's gone. Off at college. Another state away from me and I've never spoken to her more. Text messaging, phone calls and emails. I know this is going to be a struggle for her, but growth doesn't come without struggle. Please keep her in your prayers.

We had a serious car malfunction while we were there and had to cut our trip a day short. Seems the back axle seal broke and the fluid that spewed out, contaminating the brake pads and other stuff. Ever try to find a car service place open in Idaho on a Sunday afternoon? Yeah, it's not easy. We had to pay them to tell us there was something wrong with it. Hello.....we already knew that.

Then they told us exactly what the problem was and how much it would cost to fix it. This is when I threw myself on the floor, kicking and screaming and begging for mercy. Or at least to have them take my first born in payment. No deal.

We decided to try and limp it home as slowly as we could. Ever drive 800 plus miles below the …

Me? Cry?

I finally packed it in around 2:30 a.m. this morning. Another three hours and I would have been up for a total of 24 hours. Go me! I would have gone to bed earlier, but I was finishing up (or trying to!) the last of some client's articles on the game of pool. I was contracted to write 25 of them. I'd like to finish them before we leave to take Steph off to college. Then I won't have any writing projects until I get back, which will be nice. I'll be able to concentrate on crying about my baby girl leaving the nest for the first time.

...I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry........

Ok, I'm going to cry. There's this little squeezing that's starting in my heart and is only going to get stronger as the time nears for me to get her situated in her dorm room and hug her goodbye.

I'd better pack some tissues!

Nap? Are you kidding?

Yeah, that nap I thought I was going to get? Didn’t happen. I’m a mom and I work from home so that’s why. I’ve spent all morning working on writing articles, learning more about SEO and Internet marketing strategies and niche marketing and affiliate marketing.

My head is buzzing and no it’s not from the No Fear I’ve consumed. Ok, maybe it’s partially due to the energy drink I just had.

I’ve made a big pot of chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight, the kids are still at school (yay!) and I have more time to write and get some work done.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy being on a schedule again? Oh yes. Yes, I do. Muchly.

Ok, I'm up already!

One child off to the first day of seminary and school, the next two are laying in bed just waiting for me to tickle their toes and wake them up.

Or not.

I finally fell asleep around 3 this morning and was up by 5:30. Let’s see….carry the two, multiply by the square root of zippety-do-dah and ayup, no meaningful sleep for me!

Once the lil darlin’s are off on their bus, I think I might hear my bed calling to me. Do you hear it too?
It's back to school time once again. Tonight was the Back to School Barbecue at the elementary school. Mmm....nothing says the end of summer like burnt hot dogs and lukewarm lemonade! Yum!

My girls brought their backpacks and their school stuff. We met their teachers and I like both of them, as do the girls. One mother told me the summer is too short, when I was thinking it was too long. Another said it was just fine. It's funny how opinions differ from one family to another. I only think the summer is too long because I'm not a fan of the high temperatures we sometimes suffer have here.

Here are my beautiful girls, waiting to see their teachers.

Tomorrow is the first day for Chris as a junior in high school, Ally as a sixth grader and Ashley as a third grader. Ash is in a 3rd/4th classroom split, so she'll be getting some extras, which is great.

And The Girl heads to college at the end of the week. Listen and you'll probably hear my tears falling around tha…

She's going to need a fork...

Column for Pacific Publishing
September 1, 2007

As a lot of you know, our first born tax deduction will be leaving the nest this week and going to college in another state. Which state you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I think she’s going to be in the state of Confusion, which is not to be confused with the state of Yes-I’m-Blond-Why-Do-You-Ask?.

Case in point. My little fledgling will be living in a dorm with four other girls. There will be a kitchen there. For cooking. Meals. Do you see where I’m going with this? If she wants to eat food she will need to make it herself. This will require some work on her part other than walking into the kitchen, saying ‘ooh that smells good when is dinner?’.

A few months ago she made a frozen pizza and nearly had a meltdown. This is a girl who aced her SAT, who was in the Gifted Programs through school and who reads the classics for relaxation. This is not a dumb girl, but she could not figure out how to bake the pizza and asked me to b…