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The candy has been collected into orange plastic pumpkins and they are sitting in my bedroom. So much was eaten last night, I wasn't sure the kids would ever go to sleep. They picked a few pieces out to go in their lunches. Chris came home with a huge sack of goodies from his trick or treating escapades. He wore the most frightening of all costumes ~~The Teenager. He went with his buddies into the gated communities here, where they were given full size bars of chocolate, none of those itsy bitsy *fun* size candy bars for those people. They're rich and they can afford to give out the good stuff.

Me? I handed out Reeses miniature peanut butter cups and smarties to the flocks of children that knocked on my door. I gave them handfulls of the stuff, so that's sort of like giving out the big bars, right?

Yeah, I think so too.

Here's a picture of Ally, Ashley, Dillon, Daniel and Jen. Jen was dressed in her husband's army clothing, right down to the boots.

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Dillon had a slight meltdown here.

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Here's Jen with her boys. I got to have the boys with me all day and it was heaven. I sure miss them.

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Sorry Tommy. No pictures of the Suburban housewife. She was far too frightening for the camera.


  1. that last picture is adorable! his lip is sticking out a mile! my goonybird does the same thing!

  2. Bri and I opted for the bulk candy at WinCo for 98 cents a pound. He was humiliated when I insisted that we stick with the candy sold for that price, as opposed to the mini Hershey's and Snickers and Peppermint Patties, but yeah... the rich people can buy that stuff. ;)

  3. I am struggling to come to terms with some of the Americanisms. "Gated community"? Is that secure accommodation? I remember Margaret Thatcher once bought a house on an estate that had security gates on the entrance to stop her from escaping so maybe I'm right there (maybe that was just force of habit on her part). Also they allow you to give your children sweets for school lunch? This is terrible. Here you would hanged, drawn and quartered for such an offence.

  4. It's a neighborhood with a gate at the entrance. You must know the code to get in. We have a lot of those around here.


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