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My Boy

Hubby took our son Chris and his buddy Jessie out near our home to go dirt biking. Lance was there to take pictures of our boys flying through the air.

Here's Jessie on the right in the red, Chris on the left in the blue, with Mt. Rainier in the background. It was a beautiful day.

Chris catching some air.

In the mud.

Flying through the air.

Taking a breather to pose. '

Dirty and dusty and loving every minute of it.

My baby boy isn't a baby anymore. Isn't' he beautiful?

My Day

I began with a bowl of , except without all that pesky 'weight control' part.

And then I until the kitchen was spotless.

Then I got the little ones off on their

After that was done, I to meet my walking buddy where we around a nearby lake. Then it was home to do more around the house to get things done.

And no day is complete unless several are done.

I allowed myself several breaks between all the and finding out that my son's room resembles a

And the day isn't half over yet!

The REAL Axis of evil.

It's Kraft foods. Do you know that they now have a tub of CHEESECAKE FILLING? Ready to eat. In a tub. To just, you know. Stick your spoon in and scoop some out and then you might as well just plaster it to your belly or thighs. I find passing it over my taste buds is incredibly more satisfying first. Then of course it can ooze out to whatever body part it wants to.

Since I no longer have my daycare boys, I was freeeeeee this morning. So I went to the gym for the first time since our road trip this summer. It was wonderful and my little swimming partner was there, so happy to see me. After working out I spent some time soaking in the jacuzzi. Mmmmm. It felt so good that I pondered spending the remainder of my day just sitting there.

But I didn't.

Instead I did the whole shower/shampoo/rinse/repeat thing and then went grocery shopping.

This is where I encountered satan. In the dairy section.

My daycare mom Jenny first introduced me to this evil item. I blame her.


Oops, she did it again, only this time not with her brother.

Yes, my female cat is with child, er kittens, again. As she is nearly due to give birth, I thought I'd put out the word for anyone within my driving area who is in the market for an adorable little furball with sharp pointy teeth and razor sharp claws.

Her name is Smokey, or it was until she gave birth the first time. Now we call her momma kitty. Yes, we pride ourselves on originality here. And,Yes, I know. We should have gotten her fixed and we did try hard to do so, which ended up being a huge fiasco.

I blame my husband for the cat being pregnant. No, this is not a startling case of cross-species breeding that you'd find in the tabloids, this is a case of him setting the cat free in hopes it wouldn't come home again. I was on vacation at the time and had no knowledge this was happening, or I would have reminded him that while the male cats had been to the vet to have their bits and pieces whacked off, the female was still intact and therefore in danger of procrea…

It's the end....

Today is my last day watching 'my' boys. Dillon and Daniel will be going to an all day, full time, preschool/daycare from now on. I've lost them... and my heart is heavy this morning.

They spent the night last night, and as I write this, they are still sleeping soundly.

Dillon needed a bath last night, snd so did Ashley. Both loved every minute of it.

Then we put them both in matching Sponge Bob pjs.

Ashley sure loves these guys.

Now I have no excuse not to finish my book or go to the gym.

Vicus, old cabbage....

I find myself unable to post at your site. This has caused me a great deal of stress.

Here is what I wanted to post as a comment.

Ok, now I'm really upset. I copied it to paste here and it seems that blogger has gobbled it up and refuses to spit it out.

I think I need to go lay down.

Sunday Night Blogging

I spoke too soon about it no longer being summer. Right after I wrote those words, the sun reappeared with a vengance. It's now warm again. :::sigh::: Warm enough for us to have the ac on in our room again.

Yesterday I took my two youngest and went up to Seattle to work on my father's house. There are so many rooms to go through, so many attics and nooks and crannies. My sister and three of her children joined us. We started in the small upstairs room that used to be Julie's room.

My Dad's house is an older home and has an incredible amount of character. It was built when homes were an individual expression, rather than a mass produced marketing insanity. There are interesting angles and out of the way cubbies in my father's house. It's a beautiful home.

Here is a tiny hall, where you have to duck down a bit if you're an adult, to reach what we always called the back bedroom. It is a tiny room with one window.

Here is the room itself.

Here is a view…


Yes, today I put socks on my feet. Today I turned on the fireplace, see?

I admired the changing colors of the flora and the fauna while driving this morning. I made meatloaf and squash for dinner this evening. Last night I baked peanut butter cookies.

It's official. It's no longer summer. YAY!!!

My husband thought he'd give it a try....

So we sat and put this post together.

This is how he see's himself

This is how his compnay sees him

This is how his children see him....

This is his wife (ME!) see's him

This is how our pets see him

This is how he thinks our neighbors see him

How perceptions differ

I shamelessly stole this from Homo Escapeons blog because I thought it was so true.

It's true that we have different perceptions on how we see ourselves, how other's see us and how we think others see us.

Here's how I see msyelf.

This is how I think other's see me

This is how my children see me

This is how my dog and cats see me

This is how my husband sees me

How my sister sees me

And finally, this is how my credit card companies see me.


It's pretty here, that's for sure. I've seen more deer wandering around than you'd see anywhere else right now.

I'm here today, watching the boys. I have Ashley with me becuase she complained of that tummy thing that Dillon had and refused to go to school. Today is a half day for the kids, so no problem in missing a lot of school.

Not sure why I'm blogging. I really have nothing to say. And with that, I'll hush up.


Today is the official Talk Like A Pirate Day. No, really. It is.

However, I'm not feeling very piraty today. Argh.

I had my two daycare boys overnight since sunday while mommy had a nice little break in Vegas with some friends. Her little guy Dillon wasn't feeling well yesterday and he threw up yesterday and last night. Poor little guy. All I could do was hold his hot little fevered body and cuddle him.

She came home a bit early today, which I'm sure her boys were happy about.

Now I have some time alone. Alone! Sans children or husband or....anyone! I'm torn between wanting to take a nap and wanting to go get a pedicure. Wouldn't it be nice if I could combine the two? That would be fun. You all know I won't be going and getting a pedicure, right?

We're supposed to tow Steph's truck to my brother's house this afternoon so he can work on it. I suppose it would be nice if I told my brother we were coming, eh? Only he doesn't have a ph…

I'm trying....

Hard Day

First of all, I didn't listen to our phone messages all week. Those of you that have called and left messages, I apologize profusely. The best way to reach me is via my cell phone, which I have had surgically implanted in my hand.

Secondly, today I am driving to a town a bit further south later this evening and meeting a woman face to face for the first time. She is the sister of the man who murdered my friend.

I had trouble sleeping last night, and my subconscious floated some very odd dreams my way when I did manage to fall into REM. Consequently I am tired and not just a little bit aprehensive.

She found me yesterday online on Instant Messenger. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but we talked for about forty minutes via the computer. She seems to be a nice person, who has suffered much at the hands of a twisted sibling. Their family has been through an incredible ordeal. I feel for them. I do.

I fear she will try to talk me out of writing my book.

Shoe shopping

Hubby and I took the two girls shoe shopping today. Can you tell how much Ashley hated it?

Then we went to Steilacoom to help Miss Jenny. Her sink was leaking and she needed a television stand put up on her wall. Lance fixed the sink and put up the stand. He's so handy, although we would both have enjoyed watching him more if only he'd had a tool belt. I think I should get him one. Miss Jenny is loaning Steph her car until we can get her truck fixed. She's so sweet.

She showed us some cards that her hubby has sent her from Iraq. They nearly made me cry. One showed a soldier on the front and said "I'm missing you" and on the inside it said "And they're missing me too" or something to that effect. Then he wrote the most amazingly sweet note to her.

I was able to talk to him online the other day. He's in Iraq, which as you know isn't a good place to be. It was so good to be able to talk to him. I miss him...we all do. Everyti…

Oh my

So, the repair shop wants over two grand to repair the truck, but they really reccomend going for the five grand (or more) fix, on a vehicle that isn't even worth either price.

I feel quite ill.

Oldest teenage-mutant-driver starts college classes next week and must have a vehicle. Hello rock? Meet hard place.

We need to sell the suburban. I keep mentioning that to hubby. He called me while he was towing the truck with the suburban the other day.

"We HAVE to keep this thing!" I could actually hear the smile in his voice.
"What thing?"
"The suburban, it tows like buttah. It's a dream!"

More like a nightmare, but oh well.

Guess we're going car shopping this weekend.

Update: We have found a better solution. We're selling our children. Bids anyone? Anyone?


This is what I saw this morning in Steilacoom. A mommy and her baby.

I had driven there to drop Daniel off at his preschool when I saw what looked like a large bird. I thought how weird is that there was a huge bird standing by the side of the road. As I got closer I realized there was no large bird.

I'm weary of spending hours on the road. I don't know how much longer I can do this.