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Saturday Post

Today will be hot. Tomorrow will be hotter. Monday I'm planning on exploding from the heat.

Unless the air conditioning is finished being hooked up here of course. We've put it off for so long that it's now summer. Hubby is working on it right now, bless him.

Anyone that knows me, knows I do not do well in heat. My father-in-law sent me an email saying it's 115 degrees in Lost Wages. But it's a dry heat, right?? Riiiiiight.

I am contemplating not doing the road trip thing after all. Here are the reasons.

1. Locked in a vehicle for hours on end with a cranky teen who does not want to go.
2. We were forced to purchase tires for the suburban, which took a rather large chunk of change out of our trip savings.
3. The whole 'being in a car with my son while he whines for 3,000 miles.
4. The being away from my husband for so long thing. It will be close to three weeks.
5. Did I mention that whiny, teenage boy thing yet?
6. It's 115 degrees in Las Vegas. My hair will melt.
7. The 'are we there yets' and the 'I need to go potty!' cries.
8. Have I mentioned my son?
9. My daycare family is moving so I lose that income, so now would not be a good time to spend bazillions on a road trip.
10. I will be outnumbered four to one. I don't stand a chance.
11. I don't want to end up in prison for leaving my son by the side of the road in death valley because I don't think the defense "He was annoying the crap out of me' will sway the jury to find me not guilty.

There are more reasons, but right now I can't think of them. My head hurts from getting so many phone calls from my son since he's been up at Youth Conference since forever just yesterday. Seems he's 'not having fun' and they're 'making us work like dogs in the sun' and 'play stupid games' and ' the dance is stoooopid'. He wants me to come and get him and bring him home.

Ha. Like that's happening. If he's here I have to listen to him. If he's away, then I only have to hear the phone ring.

No way Jose. I'm free of him till six tonight.

I need some ice cream.


  1. I am not a fan of the road trip. I've got whiners too. Good luck getting the air fixed. I die without air.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. I love road trips, but not with my kids. Which is the only way I can take them... (sigh) And they say I'll miss this time of my life.


  3. I think 'they' lie!

    Nice to see you here Gabriela! Welcome.

  4. OK.. here's the scoop.

    I know the whiney teenager thing, and right now I think you and I should do a road trip... with ice cream.

    I'm taking my kids to CA next weekend and we're flying... you know why? Cause I freaking deserve it!

    My daughter ended up loving Girl's Camp (due to Heaven's Mercy) and I'm sending her to EFY later in the summer... if all goes well, a miracle is scheduled for the first day of seminary in August.

    And I don't care what people say, hot is hot, wet or dry, it's still freaking hot!!!!!

  5. Lianne!!!! I'm with ya babe! let's road trip it to various places where yummy ice cream is made! Wheeeeeeeee!!!

  6. Aahhh!! Teenagehood scares the crap outta me! My oldest is only 4 and already he's starting up with "whatever" and "just yeeve me ayone, mom". Yikes.

    On a side note - how do you put a line through your script like that? (the word "forever") TIA!

  7. Yeah, they start early. Number one son hasn't said a word to anyone since they got home. Tomorrow we're having a family council and .....lets just say there will be some discussion of 'tudes,

    Gaaaa. I don't wanna be in charge anymore!

    Oh, and you put the line through your thing by putting an s in <> and then at the end of what you want crossed out, put another s in the brackets with a / before the s. Does that make sense?

  8. pam, i'm sorry that for some reason the majority of us don't understand that it's not so great to deal with jerks and it's not so great to be a jerk and it's worse when it's a jerk you love. i believe that i was a jerk in response to my parents dropping the ball but i should have discussed my feelings instead of being a passive aggressive punk. life is so interesting. youth really is wasted on the young. i finally get it about life and easily a third of mine is over.

  9. Points 1, 3, 5, 8 and 11 seem enough to kibosh the expedition, and point 6 should factor in too, especially if you get your hair highlighted.

    But you know you will go anyway.

    Have a good one.



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