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Orthodontia and other things that cause you pain.

Number One Son was to get his spacers put in this morning and his braces put in on Thursday. After I left the pool this morning I called the orthodontist's office because Stephanie (who already has her braces) broke a bracket and needs it fixed. Apparently they'd been frantically calling me all morning in an attempt to get Chris in today for everything as there had been a death in the Dr.'s family and he was leaving town.

Sooooo. Today my son is getting his spacers and then a few minutes later they will pound his braces on him. Lance is home today, so I said we should take Chris out to lunch somewhere before he goes in so he can enjoy one last great meal before the pain. Lance offers to take him. No problem.

Then it dawns on me. He's taking him because he wants to take him someplace other than a drive thru. I know exactly where.

Famous Daves Barbecue.

I can't say as I blame him. Who could resist that? I hope they have some father/son bonding time. And they bring me back a doggie bag.


  1. Pammy,

    Why did you cut off the rest of the piglet from the advertisement? I hope they enjoy those baby back ribs, yum!

    Ah, the road to straight teeth...Tough but worth it!

  2. Oh man, that did cut off the piggy's head, didn't it? Oh well. You get the idea. They brought me some ribs and oh wow. Mmmmmmmm. That was yummy.

    I hope he treasures his last free (sans braces) meal!

  3. Gracias por tus comentarios en mi blog, perdona que no pueda corresponderte igual porque mi inglés es muy pobre. Y sí creo que lo de mi papá es cosa de gentilicio, así somos por acá en Venezuela. ¿ Conoces miuchos venezolanos?

  4. Bienvenidos Andres!

    Si, conoczo bastante Venezolanos por haber vivido alla. Algunos viven aqui ahora.

  5. Pam y Andres,

    Yo hablo español tambien, soy cubana. Pammy cuantos años viviste en Venezuela?

  6. Yo pase' casi dos anos viviendo en Venezuela. Tambien, soy maestra de espanol (sorry, my keyboard won't give me the correct symbols) Yo soy de aqui, pero creo que la mitad de mi alma es Venezolana.


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