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Best Hair Conditioner EVAH!

Last night there was an incident of Bacon Grease Flicking.

This involved my nine year old and my seven year old. The nine year old was the flicker, the seven year old was the flickee. The bacon grease landed in the bacon grease flickee's hair. This was, of course, shortly after bathtime, when the hair was nicely laundered for the next day.

This is the next day.

I was assured that the bacon grease flicker would do no more flicking and that the bacon grease flickee would submit to a shower this morning in order to remove the bacon grease from her hair.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As you can plainly see (Oh how I love cell phone cameras that make no audible picture taking noise so the victim is not aware that a snap has occurred!)the bacon grease flickee's hair is still coated in...erm...bacon grease.

She has refused a shower, and my spinal column will not allow me to do a forced shower on her. She is going to school in this condition. I told her that I will most likely get a phone call asking me why my child smells of bacon and just why her hair looks like it's been smeared with vasoline.

Bacon grease flickee does not care.

I will keep this photo so that when she is a teenager I can regale her with the tale of how she went to school in such a lovely condition. I'm sure she'll be pleased.


  1. Jenny8:34 AM

    Flick and Flack - too funny. Yes, in times like these, live and learn and document it with pictures for their graduation party slide show.

  2. Yes! The graduation party! I'll have to make note of that idea.

    Oh! I better start getting ready for next years graduation ceremony!

  3. Was it not Samuel Johnson who said "The mark of an appalling parent is their need to assuage their guilt by ridiculing their offspring"?
    I am now determined to survive for another 40 years so I can see the pictures that your children took of you in the "Old Crone's Old Folk's Home" in Tennessee, with your drool and incontinence visible to the entire world.

  4. Ah but Vicus, you are woefully misinformed.

    First, it's not ridiculing. It's helping them remember their youth.

    Secondly, I won't live long enough to make it to an old folks home.

  5. Pammy,
    I'm stopping off at the supermarket to get me some bacon. Her hair is beautiful!

    Finally, I understand something that Vicus talks about! Am I becoming smarter just by reading your blogs?

    vuupik - Tomato and veggies patch protected by a security camera.

  6. Carmenzta, yes. It's a little known fact, but reading my blog increases your IQ by a factor of five to the um, tenth power..which is...umm...

    I'm sorry, what was the question again?

  7. Oh, and one more thing. Since you now understand vicus, could you please explain him to me?

  8. Dear vicus, you mean to say you haven't found yourself yet?

    I'll help look!

  9. He's buried at Talke Pits


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