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I'm So Excited I Can't Sit Still!!

(And no Tom, sorry. This has nothing to do with you)

My next door neighbor and all round SAINT, Jenny, has offered to do the editing, layout and graphics for my book!! Apparently she was in the biz B.C. (before childen)

I read her email and couldn't believe the rise in my pulse rate. Of course I'd also just finished drinking one of these babys

So that could account for my racing pulse, shortness of breath and energy level so high that I'm even contemplating doing a load of laundry. By hand!

I'm so excited that I just sent over nearly my entire manuscript via email to her computer and now I've probably crashed it, it will cost thousands to repair and there goes our friendship.

I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm so excited!

Ok. Deep breaths. Calm. Go to your happy place Pammy.

Ok, back to my happy dance!


  1. I'm so happy for you! Congrats!

  2. Pammy, you worry me babe! Maybe sitting quietly and practicing deep yogic breathing might help maintain the middle path. And 'potty mouth' - that must be american, we don't have that over here, what does it mean?

  3. And now jromer has a whole face - what's going on - I'm just struggling a bit with the constant changes in this universe.

  4. Tom. Maybe sitting quietly and practicing deep yogic breathing might help you cope with the constant changes in this universe.
    What makes you think that it is a whole face? It maybe just the second installment of 10 or 36. JR has a picture of the four armed Lakshmi in the background. Who knows her true nature?
    Now, what was Pam whittering about? Do I need to worry about it?

  5. Yes Vicus, you should all worry about it.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  6. Good for you. And with your journalism background this can be real for you.

    As for me, I'm in the process of coming to terms with being a failure at what I thought was my "life's work." I'm getting there, but it's tough.

    Worst advice I ever received, as an undergrad, from a prof: "You want to write? Write." He should have said: go into journalism. Or become a professor at a university. And of course today, there are any number of much less literate ways of getting the requisite "marketing platform." (Go into a business where you regularly do public speaking, for example, or find a way to become any sort of minor celebrity.)

    As it is I have three manuscripts that won't see the light of day despite having had a wide enough variety of positive feedback, including from some of the rejecting publishers, to know I've written good stuff.

    But as Literary Marketplace states: "If you are submitting a nonfiction book proposal without a marketing platform, you are wasting your time." And from what I've heard from fiction writers, that pretty much now goes for fiction writing as well.

    Without the platform the quality of the work is irrelevant - also the credentials, in my case two Masters in directly related fields, one from the U of Chicago.

    A "cautionary tale" for any would be writers out there... I spent 16 years on the books, getting up around 2 am most workdays in order to work on them. So before you decide to write seriously, be serious about getting a marketing platform, one way or another.

    (I've posted very little of the stuff I'd hoped to publish, but "chapter one" on my blog, "Angel," was pulled from one of the manuscripts.)

    I'm glad you went about things in a smart way. With so much dumb stuff being published, it's a good thing that journalism and academia still exist as platforms that are relevant to writing skills.


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