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Do you ever have dreams so vivid that you wake up not knowing if they were real or not?

I just had one and it was so bizarre. And horrible. In it my father died. Then for some reason I was at a Christmas party at my sis-in-laws house, only her house appeared to be on the waterfront in downtown Seattle and I was feeling bad that I didn't have time to help out more with the dinner and decorations. My husband's father was handing out painkillers and wasn't giving any to me. I felt so bad and wanted a little cup with the pills in it too.

Very strange. So, interpretations anyone?


  1. Neither this nor that is real.

    eurnu - exclamation made upon realising that neither this nor that is real.

  2. I agree with Vicus that not a lot is real. Especially when you're medicated. (Eurnu!)

    My interpretation of your dream: You feel that you are the "strong" one and that while everyone else is being spared pain, you cannot be because you are taking care of things, and you kind of resent that.

    Well, you asked!

    ovtqcklj - a person who tries to pass for a dream analyst.

  3. I figure dreams (I rarely, if ever, remember my own)are just passing random thoughts that don't mean a whole lot, more products of our vivid imaginations than anything.

    But I wonder if the connection to Seattle and the unhappy or disconcerting feeling the dream left you with is an indication of your fear of possibly moving there?

  4. Well.. I know I'm in the minority here, but there is a cool website called Dream Moods:

    They always have entertaining ideas about what our dreams mean.

  5. I've had that experience. It got to the point that I was speaking directly to the people in my dream while in a seemingly concious state. It's a strange feeling. The crazy thing is that the people in my dream never answered. I'm not really good at interpretation, but your dream just sounded really interesting. Take care~

  6. I once dreamt I was in bed with this beautiful bird and then woke up and saw my missus.

  7. Yikes. You wonder sometimes why your brain likes going on vacation to the places it does.

  8. I called my father a little after five this morning. He's fine.

    I realized that last night before bed I'd been watching a show on the TLC channel about ER trauma centers. Perhaps that's why my head turned to something ugly medical regarding my father. He's 74, has had bypass surgery and I worry

    Tom, dear, that was no dream. :grin:

    Has anyone ever dreamed somethng that then happened??

  9. yes, but not horrible stuff. the horrible stuff i dream doesn't happen, instead they are indicative of my fears. you fear losing your father. you fear not being helpful when you sense help is needed. you fear not being acknowledged.

    and, as i recall, you had a lot of sugar yesterday.
    sugar and sleep equals nightmare city, honey.

  10. You are probably right. Suger = very unrestfull sleep.

    I think I figured out what the pain medication thing was. I'm in such pain with my back, and last night it hurt quite badly as I tried to get into bed, that my subconcsious was probably begging for relief during the night. And there was no relief to be found.

  11. To quote, "Sugar, sugar, sugar", and I too suffered for it. Mostly gibbering incoherence and incomprehension/incomprehensibility, but also a headache.

    Do not eat cheese late at night. I once conducted an experiment with two associates whereby we agreed to eat specific cheeses late at night, and then compare notes as to the nature of the dreams we dreamt. Soft cheese such as brie and camembert generated very erotic dreams, to the point of shame, blue cheeses generated very bizarre nightmares.

    tbpapt - to experience the hangover consequent to a sugar-fix and late-night cheese binge.

  12. Perhaps that's why I've had a massive headache all day long.

    Hmm. Interesting.

    Also, I'll eat brie but not blue cheese. ::cringe::

  13. I am beginning to suspect that some dreams may never come true.
    She phoned me again, late last night in a dream.
    It's really over this time.

    I now know for certain that Angelina will never leave Brad and come back to me as long as he keeps that damn tunic from TROY.

    Maybe I can get George and Matt to boost it after our wrap party next week? Hmmm.

  14. HE, Angelina called. She needs you to help with the nappies.


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