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Blog Gods Were Displeased

I log on to blog and realize I am rendered incommunicado by the Blog Gods. So, I sit and type into a word processing thingy to past over there later.

I did the pool/gym thing this morning for the first time in four days. Back was still trying to kill me, but I managed. I felt better afterwards, which is why I keep going in the first place. If I don't go, then chances are my days of walking this third rock from the sun are numbered. We can't have that, as too many little people are depending upon me.

Then I went to Costco and spend an unmentionable amount of dinero. I'd say it's not my fault but it was me pushing the cart and piling things into it. I bought everyone a new beach towel as well since the ones we have are years old and are becoming less towel and more just threads still managing to hang it together for whatever reason. I hope the kids like them. Suffice it to say, we're good in the food department until at least tomorrow. Earlier if my son brings several of his eating-machine friends over to jump on the trampoline.

Did I forget to mention here that we bought a trampoline a few weeks ago? If so, sorry. It's up and getting lots of use in our backyard. The kids love, love, love it. On the weekends, number one son has crawled into a sleeping bag and slept on it. Three of his buddies were with him. In separate sleeping bags of course. It still gets cold here at night, so I applaud their initiative, if not their brains.

Yesterday my spinal column was doing it's best to kill me so I took a pill. One tiny little pill. It completely knocked me flat. I couldn't stay awake to save my life. I hate that feeling. So groggy and no good for anything. I wish they could make medicine that works to take away the constant pain and still lets you function on a semi-coherent level. (Yes, I know, even without the pills I often don't make sense, but that's why you love me)

I've been calculating distances and gas prices for our planned road trip this summer. It's a good thing I don't drink or I' know. Drink. We just had to buy the biggest gas guzzler on the planet. Gaaaaa. I should know better than to go shopping when I don't feel well and just want to get it over with.

"Hey honey! Look at that beauty!"
"Ok, get it."
"It's so shiny! "
"Yes, it's lovely, just buy it so we can go home"

So, we're planning on being at my in-laws home in Las Vegas on Friday July 7 and staying until they get so sick of us they pay us to leave. Great plan, eh? I'm not sure how long their good will is good for, but I know I want to stay at least four or more days. The pool there is so much fun and the kids love being there with their grandparents. I bet they'll be happy to know that they won't have to do the school clothes shopping thing with us this summer. We're happy too.

I really want hubby to join us down there for the weekend (he can't take more time off because he doesn't have vacation time accrued at work just yet), but he's making noises about staying here because he doesn't want to pay for a flight.....I must convince him to come. He really needs a bit of a break. Plus, it won't be the same to be in LV without him.

Finally Blogdom has been fixed.


  1. Hasn't blogger been irritating?

    My blog has missed out on huge amounts of fascinating commentary, which strangely only pops into my head when blogger is down.

    I love Las Vegas. Wish I could come.

  2. What happens in Vegas,
    stays in Vegas,
    ..and on your record btw.

    It's those damn 1200 sc.ft.carts! They just look so empty if you don't have $500 worth of gobstoppers in 'em.

  3. Pammy,

    Yesterday, Blogger must have taken the same little pill you did. It was impossible to do any commenting. Extremely frustrating.

    About COSTCO: What is it about that store that turns people into idiots the second they walk in there? Besides the carts, Homey. I avoid COSTCO because when I go there I am subconsciously forced to buy huge-ass amounts of things that I would never in my right mind buy anywhere else. Being an unabashedly paranoid and suspicious conspiracy theorist type, I think subliminal messages may be piped into their muzak causing us to consider a twelve-pack of artichoke hearts of utmost necessity.

    yabrp - Lithuanian for patting a baby's back after a bottle.

  4. I'm about ready to slap Blogger. But I love Costco with my soul. We just leave the cash at home unless there's something there we really need - like huge birthday cakes.

    Have a fun trip!

  5. Coscto is an important stop for those of us with large numbers of children to feed. It keeps me from going back to the store for more things. After all, once you buy that fifty five gallon drum of mayonaise, you're pretty much set for life.

    Vegas is like an adult playground, isn't it? I don't gamble, so no worries about losing gobs of money there for us. It used to be a lot more family friendly in that they had some nice Disneyland-ish play places around that they've since demolished to put up more parking.

    We only go there once a year becuase my in-laws live there. Otherwise, i don't think we'd bother.

  6. oh, dang, costco!
    i remember when they first opened and my ex-then present-husband had a membership.
    lordy, tires for 25.00 each!
    giant freaking bags of shrimp!
    *snif* it was beautiful, man.

  7. It's a beautiful thing, that's for sure. Now you've made me reach for a tissue.

  8. Costco - I've heard of that place, much like I've heard of Nirvana (the place, not the band). None here in the North Land - not sure how I feel about that after reading the comments.


  9. Mmmmm, shopping, parting with my money on huge quantities of stuff I really don't need. I so love being a consumer. It's what we're here for. It's our duty as good Britons - or in your case, good Americans, haven't you been listening?

    Yeah, blogger has been a 'mare, I've wanted to comment on loads of stuff I've been reading - you were in for a chunk, I can't remember what, but it was positive, love it.

    Jelly? Mmmmm. Ha ha, we Brits and our delicacies, eh? Ooooh, black puddin' and scratchins and brown sauce. Imagine that by the trolley-load...

  10. Krusty, I think I'll just stick with the 12 jars of artichokes and the 55 gallons of mayo.

    qljanba - the game played after you're finished with Jumanji.

  11. Can't even open my own blog.

    What's happened in the last 5 hours, eh?

    xfkuay: a pig latin dialect term for . . . . well, you get the idea

  12. I think blogger has gone on vacation in sympathy for your leaving us on vacation Fronty. It's all your fault.

    We must blame someone.

  13. "Come on vacation...leave on probation" - LV police officer, show "COPS"

    I love Costco! the have all that BIG-HUGE stuff, it's so much fun :)

    The Blog Gods have been angry lately, I tremble before them

  14. I'd kneel before them I fear being beheaded.

  15. I'm an agnostic, so I fear no blog god

    I think . . . .

    klipnfur - how easy can this one get? . . . .

  16. Well, fear or no fear. I'm whispering my disapproval of what the blog gods have been up to of late. Blog dieties my fanny.

  17. Maybe I'd better become a blog unitarian instead . . . .

  18. My mother gave away my trampoline, sure I was 22. It didn't matter, I loved it. Sure it had cigarette burns in it, didn't matter.
    Brings back so many memories of injury, laughs, sunshine, head knocks.

  19. As I sit here typing I can hear my three girls out there on the trampoline jumping and laughing and bonding.

    I'm so glad I bought this for them. It's cut down their zombie-like behavior in front of the boob tube, that's for sure. They're having such fun and I'm enjoying their fun.

    Thanks for visiting Evan. Long time no see.


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