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  1. I'm horrified by this. Are we going to say George Bush the christian, every time he fires off a missile. Or every time your soldiers lose the plot and kill a few civilians are you going to call them christians, after all, they've all got very western sounding names. Are you trying to start a religeous war - you surely don't want that do you.
    Come on guys - if you want to make the world a more peaceful place you're going to have to search a bit harder than this. Try finding your heart - that's where peace begins.

  2. Now that your blog is officially being monitored...there is nothing like hitting the hornet nest before you throw the match on it.

    Islamist and christianists, the extreme criminal minority, would both eagerly incinerate the rest of us. Neither care about god per se..their giant delusion of grandeur, a psychosis of a guaranteed place of honor in the afterlife cannot be placated here on Earth.
    As Canada struggles to find a role somewhere between the Switzerland of the West and Uncle Sam's neighbour we were bound to experience terrorist (hate the overuse of that word) activity.
    These men are probably more the byproduct of isolation and prejudice more than religious ferver.
    All religions are exclusive clubs. Everybody has a monopoly on god don't 'cha know.
    Everybody loses in a conflict like this. I fear that the invasion of Iraq has guaranteed that it will get worse before it gets better.
    The only encouraging note is that Dubya has obviously accepted that his Freedom Crusade is doomed and public opinion polls certify this fact.
    His last hurrah, the final kick at the cat, Banning Gay Marriage
    (how original Karl Rove),
    is such a blatant sideshow to distract the public that it is laughable, were it not so pathetic.

  3. I just knew I could get comments by posting that link.

    Tom, I know where my heart is, and it's fine. I'm a peace-loving mom of four that wants the world to stop trying to kill each other.

    Homo Escapeons, you surely aren't lumping all Christians and all Muslims together, are you? Don't you believe there are in fact some Christians who aren't war mongers and some Muslims who don't actually approve of the beheadings done in the name of Allah?

  4. This is such heavy stuff!

    Two years ago, I was helping a ESL student at my kids’ Middle School (translating and such. They were giving the kids a presentation about High School’s foreign language program, the teacher happened to mention the Crusades and out of nowhere –it had nothing to do with anything she was saying, at all- proclaimed “…many call the Iraq war “George W’s Crusade” I was like “what was THAT about?”, she went on to talk about learning German, Spanish or Russian next school year.

    The reality is there’s such a thing as “good” and the opposite to that is “evil”. Blowing yourself up, anywhere/anytime, in an attempt to kill as many innocent human beings as possible, is definitely the latter, no matter what the excuse is.

  5. I agree, there is such a thing as good and there is such a thing as evil.

    So, who likes the heavy stuff here? Or would you rather I just wrote about the happy things, or the things in my life?

  6. Pamela,please go back to the stuff about your kids. I hate religion and everything about it. It makes me angry and sad and political and all the stuff that I guess in the end makes people religeous.
    LOVE LOVE and more LOVE, PLEASE.

  7. Tom, darling, light of my life, horse whisperer of immense skill, I shall do as you ask.

    However, you should know that I am not a hateful person, despite being a woman of faith.

    There is no hatred in me. I don't want to take over your country, nor do I want to invade your homes or blow you up with a car bomb.

    The worst I can do is bake you cookies and make you gain weight.

  8. Pamela, I know you are sweet and not for one minute would I judge you by your faith, but we must all know that for every sweet christian there is a sweet muslim too.
    We have to go beyond the labels and get to the product.
    luv u.

  9. Islamists and Muslims are as different as Christianists are to Christians.
    The 'ist' suffix denotes that extrem'ists' of the fringe element that will only be sated with complete world domination to the exclusion of all other religions.

    A Theocracy is to be avoided at all costs regardless of who is running it.

  10. smooch! Love you too Tommy boy.

    Homo, I agree with you. A Theocracy is a dangerous proposition.

  11. I agree - a theocracy is a theocracy, no matter upon what religion it's centered.

    And theocracies have this nasty little tendency to assume they're right and everyone else is wrong.

    And if you think muslims are the only ones capable of such fundamental intolerance, you've got another thing coming.

  12. And by the way, can I have a cookie too?

  13. Fontier, for you I would bake a whole batch.


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