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Darker Hair

I went a little darker with the hair than I normally do. I'm thinking of lightening it up a bit. Whatcha think? I took this in the bathroom mirror last night. Apparently I also need to clean the bathroom mirror as the kids have been spitting their toothpaste there, rather than in the sink. Sorry about the photo quality, I'm not the best self photographer. Plus, I look really tired.

EDIT: Ok, I'm putting the fugly picture back up, but I reserve the right to remove it.

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  1. I like your hair.. you have GREAT hair (look at that volume and late at night ta boot!)

    However, maybe a little highlight might brighten you up for summer.

    Hey, my bathroom mirror is worse, and I'm the one that gets it dirty!

  2. I have too much hair and I'm not complaining. I think I might add some blond hilights sometime soon. It is actually lighter than it looks in the pic.

    Now I need to go scrub the mirror!

  3. Pammy, your hair just drives me wild!

  4. Tom, Tom, Tom.....

    Where were you the other day when I had a flat tire?

  5. Maybe all of that toothpaste on the mirror is throwing you off. What if there wasn't any grey and it was all just streaks of Crest?

  6. I actually use Crest to hilight my hair! Perhaps it was I who flicked some errant flecks on the mirror.

  7. your hair is great! i agree with lianne, get some highlights to bring out your eyes, cause they're pretty great too. as for the that what that opaque sheet of something hanging atop my sink is? perhaps i should check out this 'windex' of which the natives speak!

  8. Pammy, I like the ash blonde!!! Highlights would make it look incredible, I think! Love the gobs of stuff on the mirror. Who has clean bathroom mirrors if they are not having guests over? Nobody.

  9. Carmenzta, you are SO right! No one (except perhaps an old roommate I had once) has sparkling clean mirrors unless there are guests in the near future.

    Amazing what we do for others, that we won't do for ourselves, eh?

    Anna, yes, clean off that window! You would be surprised at what you see.

  10. I didn't see it before you took it down, but I like your regular one - the peering over the glasses thing works!

  11. Thank you Darius. Ms. Romer told me to put that one up instead of my very stuffy for columns professional photo.

    She was right. :)

  12. Excuses, excuses . . . .

    I'll make you a deal - repost the photo and, for all day Sunday, I'll post my real, truly repugnant image.

    I double dog dare ya!

    gszticy - The runner up choice for the Polish shipyard workers union in the 1980's

  13. I also was apparently not attentive enough and did not see the new photo.

    PLEASE put it back up, toothpaste-spit-filled mirror and all.

    As a single guy, I probably don't have to tell you that toothpaste spit and other such gremlins such as excess used mouthwash gargle, beard shavings and expendable nose and ear hairs regularly inhabit and in fact thrive on and in the mirror, sink, faucet...

  14. Gaaaaa. Ok. I'll put it back up, but you have to do the same Fronty!

    Yes...I know bathroom mirrors are the sticking place for many things that should probably go unmentioned.

    And please remember, I was really tired (not sure why I tried taking a pic of myself at that time) and it is.

  15. You're a peach, even looking in a dirty mirror and tired and all!

    But yeah, with such beautiful hair (and looking at how the sunlight sits on you in your usual pic), I'd vote for some highlights.

  16. And you were crying and whining that your photo was ugly and repulsive? Sheesh! It didn't cause my heart to stop or me to erase your links. Get a grip and stop complaining >;^D

    You are right though. Gonna have to do something about that toothpaste . . . .

  17. A double dog dare!! woot!

    I can't concentrate on the hair, perhaps all the toothpaste and water on the mirror...
    Smile Pamela, smile :)


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