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Festival of the River in Arlington

With sandwiches and drinks, we drove up to Arlington on Saturday to see Train play at the free festival.

First we had to listen to Richie Havens
(who was the opening act at Woodstock), then Colin something or other from Men at Work.

Train was AMAZING, but I digress.

First though, I was astounded at the number of gray-haired-pony-tailed-tie-dyed wearing people there. Not that these two have gray hair (well, one does) but you know what I mean.
Lance and Ashley wanted to fit in and so they each got a t-shirt. Then Ashley got a plastic blow up monkey. Then she got a bouncy ball which in point of fact was just a balloon filled with a bit of water and tied off. Then a rubber band was added and it was called a bouncy yo-yo. What a racket

But I digress.

We were there for the concert but enjoyed the many Native American booths, as well as the mouth watering smells wafting from the food cooking in other booths. (Note to self: Next year bring cash). We brought our two-person chair with drink holder and Ash had her own folding chair. People brought tents and tables and blankets and chairs and made a day of it there listening to the free concerts and enjoying the outdoor party. It was wonderful, or in Lance's words "It was so nice and laid back" (Yes, he has the hippie gene)

And then Ashley was nearly swallowed whole by a salmon.

Then we watched a pow wow for a bit. There were several amazing dancers with beautiful costumes and everything sparkled. Of course everything could have been sparkling due to the contact high I probably got from all the Herbal Americans sitting around us at that 'laid back' concert venue.

All I know is that the air smelled funny and though the cops walked through several times, it did no good. Suddenly the air was clean for a few minutes and then BOOM, back to the wacky tabaccy smell. Most annoying.

Finally it was time for TRAIN! They are amazing as a live band. You now how some bands don't do so well live without all their fancy equipment? Train doesn't suffer from that problem. They were great. I have a video that Lance took of them but you can hear him singing on it at the beginning and so he's' forbidden me from posting it here.

If you really wish to see/here it, you know how to contact me. I can be bribed. (grin)

And so....Train.


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