Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CIT--Day Two

I've come to realize that I essentially have a newborn again, in so many ways.

Bathing, dressing, feeding, bathroom essentials... we are forging a new bond as mother and daughter. It reminds me of when she actually was a newborn. The constant contact...the touching and loving and diaper changes at midnight. The essential building of trust and the tuggings of the heart. She woke me at four a.m. this morning because she had to go to the bathroom. Something she can no longer do by herself.

Not yet at any rate.

She is remarkably unselfconscious as I perform these personal duties for her---most likely because we are so very close. She's never been allowed to take a bath completely alone due to her seizure issues, so that part of our new routine is nothing new.

Other things are.

After our time at the hospital today, we came home and she had a fit of crying, as she did yesterday. She wanted the cast off, it was too heavy, it was too hot, it was too much. I held her and told her that even after only two days I could see a difference in her right hand. In how she moved it, how she used it. Can you imagine how very much improved it will be after the month is over?

I'm so proud of her.

My heart is full.


  1. Pamela, this brought tears to my eyes. Your are such a wonderful mother. It is obvious that Ashley completely trusts and adores you.

  2. Thank you Kim.

    I'm the lucky one in this equation. She's been an incredible blessing to me---to our entire family.


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