Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CIT--Day Nine

Today, I bravely took Ashley to her constraint induced therapy at Children's hospital and left my wonderful hubby at home.

Ash was whisked away from me at nine a.m. and I never saw her again until they came marching back into the ot/pt waiting area several hours later.

Sorry it's so blurry. The camerawomanman wasn't paying attention to details.

So I asked her if I could take her picture by the whale.

Yeah, that didn't go over so well. I took one or two more but she was running down the hall away from me so I figured I should stop before hospital security rushed in to see how I was abusing my daughter.

We left the hospital and stopped at the grocery store to pick up some hot dog buns for our bratwurst lunch. As I was turning into the parking lot my eyes went. And by 'went' I mean I kinda sorta lost my vision to my old friends the flashing squiggly Christmas lights. I had to sit and wait it out before I could drive again--or shop for that matter.

That hasn't happened for awhile.

Sooooo, off to home and lunch. The girls talked me into going school clothes shopping and if you know me you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to go shopping!!!

I hate it worse than having a root canal with no pain medication

The girls were each given $100 from their own bank accounts and told to budget enough to get what they needed. It helped of course that their brother Chris works at Vans and they get the 50% family discount there. That helped a LOT.

So, several million shirts and two pairs of jeans later---we went to visit my sister Julie. The girls compared their purchases while I visited with my sister and gulped some ice water as it was 85 degrees out.

Back to shopping. Ash wanted some shorts to replace the ones she left on beach at Roosevelt beach last month but Sears didn't have any.

We went to get Alli a haircut.

Have I mentioned how much I missed her last week? She was off camping on Whidbey Island with some friends and so I missed hugging my girl. I don't like it when she's gone for so long.

Sooooo, hair cut over we came home to make some chicken and herb ravioli with alfredo sauce and a spinach salad. Oh yeah, and to make this blog post on orders from my husband as I think he thought I was neglecting this space in favor of my new Facebook addiction interest.

Hi honey! I love you!! (He checks it from work)


  1. You know I am with you on the shopping. I had to shop and get a Pap in the same week, i choose pap :O)

  2. LOL!! Too funny.


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