Monday, August 17, 2009

CIT--Day Eight

Today I didn't go to Children's with Ashley. I stayed home to play word twist on facebook clean house and make pizza for their triumphant return.

Seriously--I made four pizzas. I really did. I made one with spinach and tomato from the garden with a ranch sauce. See?

Ok, that was before I baked it. I also made a Hawaiian, which was to die for. No, really.

I also made a cheese pizza and one with ranch sauce with sauteed onions and zucchini from the garden. Those were eaten before I could take a picture.

All in all, it was a floury messy day in the kitchen.

Lance sent me a picture of Ash playing cards at the hospital.

I know she's probably happier than she looks in that picture. She got to have pet therapy as well today and she loved that. I gave Lance a small bag of plums to give to Peggy (Ashley's therapist) to thank her for all she's doing.

Now...on to day nine!

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