Monday, August 10, 2009

CIT--Day One

Constraint Induced Therapy

Today was the first day of Ashley's CIT Camp. It was looooong but wonderful. First Peggy put Ashley's cast on her left arm. Peggy is her Occupational Therapist and has been working with Ashley since she was a tiny little thing.
They covered the cast with coband tape. Ash chose blue for her color this week. Since today was the first day, Lance came with us. We were so glad to have him. We kind of like him.

Then we left them to their work. They worked with putty, they worked with velcro, cups, drinking, eating, played Apples to Apples, used a super-sized Connect Four game, played Foosball, painted and then had pet therapy with an adorable little dachshund named Leroy.

After they were done we treated Ashley to lunch in the hospital cafeteria (one of her favorite eateries) Eating...was not as simple or easy as it was before the cast.
French Fries are one of her favorites, and good for practicing dexterity. SUCCESS!! I told her she makes that look easy! The hard part was getting it to her mouth as her hand doesn't quite turn the way it should, but she managed. It's amazing what hunger and little determination will do!

Although there were some things her daddy had to help her with, she didn't do too badly overall. I was impressed with her ability to bite into her cheeseburger. I held it mostly for her, but she did try it herself. They gave her a special cup which is sort of like a grown-up sippy cup and it works quite well for her.

As we were coming out of the therapy unit we ran into some of our best friends. Joe and one of his daughters, Mary. It was wonderful to see them as we don't get together nearly enough.

And...tomorrow is day 2. Since I'll be spending about 20 hours there each week, I'm going to be working on my curriculum for the school year. I hope three weeks is enough to finish it off and be fully prepared for the start of the school year.

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  1. what a cool therapy!
    ashley's a rock star!!
    and the hoopes are super cool too!


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