Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Constraint Induced Therapy

And why we won't be swimming for the remainder of the summer

Yesterday Lance took Ashley down to Children's Hospital to get casted. This means that they put a cast on her good side, and are leaving her affected side free. (I wasn't there as I had to drive Alli up to girls camp near Cle Elum)

The reason we're doing this, is because next Monday Ashley will enter into Constraint Induced Therapy Camp.

What this means is that for the remainder of the month, Ashley will not be permitted to use her good and strong left hand, but will instead be forced to use her stroke-damaged right side. For the entire month.

We'll be at the hospital every day until the end of the month.

She'll be involved in hours of therapy, then music therapy, art therapy and pet therapy. All designed to force her to use her weak hand and strengthen it.

I'm SO excited about this....and a wee bit nervous. I know it will help her and I also know it will frustrate her. This is going to be one tough month.

We start on Monday. So we won't be able to swim after that day. This means we went to the pool today and will go every day until then.

Keep us in your prayers please.

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