Thursday, August 13, 2009

CIT--Day Four

Day four at Children's Hospital and Ashley did some art therapy. She was quite proud of her finished product---and she also created a card that she's going to give to her Daddy on his birthday at the end of the month.

They worked on a room off the cafeteria there and it was blazing hot when we walked in. Soon the HVAC people arrived and began working on cooling down the room. It felt like a steam bath when we got there. Thankfully they fixed whatever was wrong and the work began.

I spent the time in the Parent Resource Room online working on my curriculum for Spanish Class. It was soooooo hard to stay awake--but I managed somehow.

After a few hours I went back down to check on my girl and found her playing Apples to Apples with the other girls in CIT Camp. As I walked in I heard someone say "Beer Bellies" and then they all laughed. I'm still not sure what that was about.

When they finished, Ashley had to close a zip lock bag. Not an easy task with two good hands, but she managed!

As an aside, she's been having some sort of allergic reaction (we think) to something and so I've had to apply some topical benadryl to her the past couple of days. I wish we could figure out just what it is that's making her so itchy and giving her little red dots that appear and disappear over and over again. It's very odd. Tomorrow will be day five and they get to take their casts off for an hour to do some water therapy in the hospital swimming pool. Ash is very excited about that!

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