Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CIT--Day Ten

You know how a small child will cup your face in their hands and pull you close? Look in your eyes? Remember your little ones doing that?

Ashley never could because her hand wouldn't turn that way. She could put the back of her hand on my cheek, but not the palm.

Last night she cupped my face----and I cried.

Today is day ten. Her progress is astounding to me. Truly.

We rode the elevator down to the third floor to a new room this morning.

Once we got there, Ashley helped put up some paper so they could draw on it with markers.

She went to work on a tub with some rice and toys in it. Her job was to remove the small objects from the rice.

Peggy belongs to Ashley for the first hour of each day and Ashley is thrilled. I'm so grateful we've found Peggy.

I walk the hospital sometimes while Ashley is doing her therapy. Though Children's has changed much in the twenty years since we began this adventure that is parenthood---some things haven't changed and I can't help but remember past walks through those halls. Past terror and pain.

Walking the length of the hall from the cafeteria to the elevators this morning brought back memories of when Allison was there the summer before Ash was born. I was six months pregnant and I remember having some sharp pain during that walk. So sharp I had to stop and hold the wall until it passed.

I'd take another step heading back to Allison's room and the pain would return. I'd stop. It took me a great deal of time to make it back to Allison's room. She was just two and this was her second time in the hospital that month. When I got back to Alli's room the nurse called a doctor to look at me. I remember him telling me that they weren't set up to have me go into labor there and that I should go home and rest.

I've spent many nights at that hospital---I'm so thankful it's here and close and so amazing. It's saved the lives of my children---all of them at one time or another.

And it's given Ashley the ability to cup my face in her hands.


  1. That is the most wonderful thing! How amazing -- the progress of medicine. The end of the month should be really amazing for her. Is she liking it??

  2. She is liking it. I think being home afterward is more difficult but the hospital time is great for her. She has all this attention but it's hard work as well.

    I'm so very proud of her.


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