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CIT--Day Eleven

Sooooo hard to get out of bed this morning. I wanted to pull the covers over my head and not move for a few more hours---but we all know I roused myself and got up.

Having hubby working the swing shift and getting home at midnight each night is not conducive to early rising. Although Ash was asleep when he got home, I was still awake and then we lay in bed talking for a few hours. Bad us. We should have just gone to sleep.

We've never been known to do the smart thing.

So, the morning was a sleepy one but we made it to the hospital in plenty of time.

Ashley and Devon, one of the girls with her in CIT camp, are becoming friends. They're close in age and in the same grade. albeit in different school districts. I'm hopeful they will maintain their friendship.

Here they are this morning playing an old computer game at the beginning of their day.

It's an old game but they enjoyed it. It involved cards that are placed in the monitor space and then they have to push buttons as they locate or label certain items.

I left them to their therapy and went up to the parent area on the 5th floor. I sat outside on their patio and filled out the reams of paperwork the school sends each year for back to school things. Entire forests are decimated for this stuff---most of it superfluous and some of it down right annoying....but I digress.

There was a lovely breeze out there and I was able to make some phone calls and even a short video of the area with the ending a shot of me thanking Lance for watering the front yard, the side yard, the back yard, the garden, the side of the house, etc. (No, I shan't be posting that video here) It takes nearly two hours to get all that watering done.

Then I went in search of a computer and spent some time things. No, not playing Word Twist, only because Facebook was acting all wonky and wouldn't allow it.

I went down to check on the girls and they were playing Barrel of Monkeys.

This was not an easy feat and they had a new girl join them during this time. I'm not sure what her story is but Ashley said her disability was worse than the rest of them and she was learning to walk again.

As I was walking the halls again, I noticed these colorful fish they've put on some of the corridors.

I thought about how sometimes it feels as though we are doing our best to move upstream against the currents that push against us, much like the fish. We push and we struggle and we fight.

One thing we don't do is give up. Never, ever give up.


  1. Way to go Ashley! What wonderful progress. Hospitals for children are amazing. All those wonderful, dedicated souls working there. Keep swimming!


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