Friday, August 21, 2009

CIT--Day Twelve

Friday! Yay Friday!

Lance went with us to the hospital today, which was nice. I hate being down there by myself.

The girls spent the hour of camp up in the pt/ot therapy unit and Ashley worked on something that I can't talk about because it's something for her Daddy for his birthday and he reads this blog. Hear that Daddy? You can't know! (I'll post a picture of the present next week when it's completed and he's seen it already) Just FYI, it's a FAB PRESENT!

Next they went downstairs for a rousing game of Apples to Apples.

They seem to love this game. I can tell from the giggles and laughter coming from the Teen Room where they're playing it. (I also loved the signs on the walls in there that say if a parent is not accompanied by a teen then they are to be removed and sent back to their room)

Lance and I spent some time outside in the play area. There was lots of cool stuff to play with and the ground was squishy. I love squishy ground! Lance played with the eyeball in this toy. He loves toys and he doesn't get out much so don't judge him too harshly. (Hi honey! LOL!)

After hour number two it was time to remove the casts. PEEEE--YEEEEEEW! Taking off one cast after it's been on someone is smelly enough, but imagine taking off THREE casts in one tiny room. They were all suffering from a severe case of Stinky Arm.
So of course, washing up was the first order of business.

Then it was off to the pool for some recreational therapy.

Is that a happy face or what? She swam and they played water volleyball. Ashley swam four laps down and back the length of the pool. I know it must have felt like heaven to have that heavy cast off her arm and be able to move through the water like she did.

Then it was showers all around (Yes, I did look like I'd taken a shower as well when we were done as Ashley wasn't paying attention with the hand held shower head and aimed it right at me).

After showering and removing all traces of Stinky Arm, it was time to put the casts back on and cover them with a new color. Ashley chose hot pink for her last week.

We have a CIT camp rule that on Fridays we can have lunch at the hospital cafeteria (or as Ashley called it when she was younger---The Fatateria)

Ash ate and we helped. She's getting pretty good with those French Fries. See?

So week two is done. Now we have the weekend (oh please let me sleep in tomorrow!) and then on to the final week.

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