Saturday, August 15, 2009

CIT at home

Ashley keeps her cast on no matter what and I was concerned that she would be more frustrated than usual---but things worked out wonderfully today.

Her friend Kiera invited her to go a movie with her and her mom. I was a bit concerned because she can't quite manage going to the bathroom by herself yet. I anxiously awaited a frantic phone call, but none ever came.

Ashley came home from the movie in an incredibly wonderful mood. She had a great time and even managed to eat some popcorn! Yay Ash!

Lance and I watered the yard and the garden this morning. My father left town yesterday and headed south with his truck and trailer, so the yard duties fall to us while he's gone. We picked some zucchini, tomatoes, blueberries, blackberries and plums.

We have some spinach as well. I intended to make some pizza dough and then make several kinds of pizza; spinach and tomato with white sauce, one with sauteed zuchini and onions from the garden and then one with ham and pineapple. However, I wasn't feeling too well most of the day so we decided to do the pizzas tomorrow when I'm (hopefully) feeling better.

Lance didn't work today so he decided he'd barbecue some chicken and make mashed potatoes (per Ashley's request) We ate outside and Ash had a bit of trouble holding her utensils to eat. No matter, she simply put face to plate and took care of business.

Tonight she's at an outdoor movie with her Daddy. One on one time with her daddy is rare because of his work schedule and she's drinking up every minute of it. And me? I'm supposed to be working on the church newsletter, but the printer at church isn't working so there's really no point.

I think I'll go curl up with a book.

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