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Can someone PUHLEESE tell me why one of my cats enjoys going to the litter box, standing outside of it with his back feet, while he flings litter and doo doo from the box out onto the floor of the laundry room with his front paws? It's driving me insane. I want to hook up a little electric current to zap him each time he does this maneuver of his. Not a big zap. Just a teensy-weensy zip to show him its wrong and I don't want to walk in litter and cat crap in my bare feet anymore!!!

And to think, we're about to be gifted with kittens from our female. I was sure she was going to give birth by now, but apparently the little felines need more time in the oven. Her belly is so swollen.

...goes off to clean kitty litter and ick off my floor.....


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Pamela, dear, whose decision was it to give house room to these noxious creatures? Yours, Pamela, dear. Was that the decision of a sensible person? What do these animals contribute to your happiness? Despite my deep and undying love for you, I am glad that your cats crap in your house. Those of my neighbours think that my garden is a public convenience.

  2. I love my cats, really I do vicus dear. I love them so much that I keep them indoors so as to protect them from the wild beasties of the neighborhood in which we live. There are woods, with creatures like racoons and coyotes who would enjoy killing my cats.

    I'm sure my husband would like to kill some of them as well, but he's thus far restrained himself.

    I applaud his restraint, although it's his fault that the female cat is pregnant.

  3. My cat used to pull that trick all the time! I think she was just spreading her "mark", claiming more territory!

  4. Well they can't have any more of my territory!!!

    The female always gets mad when we have dirty clothes on the lauadry room floor. She shows us her displeasure by peeing on the pile of clothing. Right next to her litter box. Very disturbing.

  5. i really don't want you to explain how it's your husbands fault your cat is pregnant.
    and i don't want pictures of the kid-erm, kittens, either.
    thank you anyway.

  6. He is responsible by letting the cat out of the house. He was hoping she'd leave, but nooooooo. She went out, had some fun and then returned with a uterus full of kittens.

    She's ready to give birth at any moment.

  7. Sheesh, she does this stuff because she's an animal. The best thing I did was to get my cat one of those little pet mini-doors so she can go out and use the lawn as opposed to using my whole house as a toilet. I really wish I lived next to Vicus!

  8. Re: the kicky the litter cat litter thing? My cats used to do that when they got sick of the brand of litter. at least, I'd switch brands and it wouldn't happen again for months. honest, this worked for me. give it a shot!

    *secretly relieved that all is explained*

  9. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Carmenzta. I wish you lived next to me to. But, geography notwithstanding, come and crap in my garden if that is what butters your toast.


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