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So Cliche'

As some of you may know, my ten year-old Ally has been sick for a few days. Her breathing was so strained today that I decided to take her in to the doctor. I was worried, wanting to get there quickly and I wasn't watching the speedometer.

Yep. You guessed it.

Two police cars were parked by the side of the road ahead of me and as I came up to them, one of the policeman waved me over quite forcefully. So I pulled over. And I was laughing.

You see, I've gone mumble mumble years without ever having a ticket. In my entire life. Never. Ever. Oh, I've deserved plenty. I once ran into the back of a patrolman's vehicle and never even got a warning. (I was in college at the time and the aforementioned officer was young and cute). I have pulled over for a police car when I thought it was me he was after, only to find out it was the guy in front of me. Yes, I've desereved many tickets and I've always laughingly said that I have a natural immunity to the police.

It apparently ran out today.

Officer: "Ma'am, do you know wny I pulled you over?"
Me: "Uh, yeah, I was uh, I'm sorry officer, my daughter is really sick and I was in a hurry to take her to the doctor's"
Officer: "License, registration and proof of insurance please. I clocked you going 11 miles over the speed limit"
Me: "Really? I...uh...ok"
Officer: "I'll be right back"

Meanwhile, my poor girl is sitting next to me, burning up, wheezing and coughing.

He came back and told me I was being cited, explained the form to me and had me sign it.

I tried to make Ally laugh about it, because I certainly was, but no. She wasn't having any of it.

Then it was on to the doctors as I realized how cliche' I'd been. "I'm sorry officer, but my chid is sick and I'm taking her to the hospital!" I bet he thought I was lying.

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I wasn't. My baby girl has pneumonia.


  1. Gosh! Poor Ally. Hope she's better soon x

  2. My sympathy. I had it once, too.

  3. 11 MPH over and he gave you a ticket? What a prick!

  4. Agree with PM. Send the ticket back with the antibiotic prescription attached and tell them that if they had a modicum of decency they'd cancel it. You're not a serial offender. Push it, write about it. Make that bastard squirm with embarrassment. You do realise if you'd had a beard you would have had to assume the position etc...

    Wish her well. Lots of rest and TLC and she'll be OK.

  5. Agree with all the others, what a dickhead. That's what a uniform and handcuffs can do for you.

    Hope your girl gets well soon, it must be worrying.

    You are a proud mother, aren't you? I can here the cluck, cluck, clucking from here ;-)

  6. jj goodwin11:01 PM

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