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A Bloody Mess

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Ally awoke early yesterday morning to witness the messy, queasy, bloody miracle of birth. Momma kitty had her babies, beginning around five a.m. I put her in a box with towels in it for the first birth. On my bed. (The cat, not my daughter) This is where Allison viewed the first messy miracle. She (Allison) did turn a bit green as she realzed the mommy was actually chewing off the umbilical herself and then my poor girl nearly keeled over as she saw the afterbirth being consumed.

She asked me why the cat was doing that and I said that's what mommies do. Her eyes got huge and she said, "You didn't have to do that, did you??"

Now some have opined that I should have said yes, as that answer would have been useful as a new form of birth control for my daughters. Had my eldest been there, I might have said yes, but seeing as it was my sweet and innocent Ally, I told her the truth.

Here is the first kitten. It appears to be all white.
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I do not have a picture of the second kitten's birth (isn't it always that way with the second child? Oh suuuure, you have millions of pictures of the first baby, but hardly anything of the second offspring, which causes the second child to ...erm.. but I digress) because the mother snatched the first kitten by the neck and went to hide under my bed!

I was not pleased. I left the room to do something, and when I returned there was a bloody mess (and I do mean that literally) on the carpet inside my door. I think she had her second kitten right there and then she'd tried to leave my room, bled all over the place and then retreated with her second kitten to the darkness under my bed.

So I took the box with the towels and put it into my bathroom, yanked the bed out from the wall, grabbed the two kittens from the mum and put them into the box. Mom followed of course, not at all pleased about the sudden moving of her babies.

Too bad. I didn't want to have to clean up any more bloody messes on the carpeting. I kept thinking that if the CSI guys with ther luminol sprays and black lights were ever to stop by my house, they'd think I'd killed someone. Yes, I watch entirely too much tv.

At any rate, we now have four kittens, one white three black.

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They'd make really nice Christmas presents! So call now, operators are wishing they were asleep standing by to take your orders. Only four adorbale kittens left! Call now!


  1. nnjangel6:43 AM

    Ill take the white one if its a girl or even one of the black girl ones. But only if you bring it here!

  2. Janet7:21 AM

    No, thanks. I have enough trouble with the two I have. But they're really cute!!

  3. Anonymous7:55 AM

    such absolute cuteness! i'd love to take one, but i'm certain mr teacher would not like to add a third to our house!


  4. Pammy, you don't have to get me anything for Christmas, thank you very much. Congratulations on the additions to the family!

  5. duckgirl9:48 AM

    Yikes, what a mess she created for you!

    In that first pic of the white kitty, she looks almost like a pink "My Little Pony", lol! Ok, so one with a large head, but still, that's just what I thought when I first saw it, and the way the fur goes down like a mane, lol. Ok, I'm silly, I know!

    Congrats on the new kitties, may you find wonderful new homes for them.

    *nails self in leg with insulin*
    back now.

    very cool you let your daughter watch. you so shoulda lied, though...
    of course that might mean no grandkids, either. hm.

  7. FN, I'm just a few hours south of you. I can be there and drop them off in Sooooooooooomas for your Christmas gift.

    I was going to bring you a basket of baked goodies but I think this would be more personal!

  8. "...Chewing off the umbilical cord", such a lovely sight...not. That's too funny she asked if you had to do the same thing.
    I luv kitties!

  9. Great post on a really neat experience for you, Pamela. And great for Ally to see too.

    The family life. It's a great thing.

    Can't take any cats. Apartment landlords won't allow 'em and much as I like cats, I'm a dog guy.

    Plus I'm what...2,000 miles away?


    You bit the umbilical cord clean off? Eeewwwww! But very impressive. Did you swallow it?

  10. Yes I did WW. Aren't I amazing?

  11. AAAAHhhh!
    Do you remember Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life;
    part one. The Miracle Of Birth and the woman drops a baby while she's doing the dishes?
    I will never forget the morning when my cat rushed into the house dragging a half delivered kitten (still sticking out)and ran down the basement steps. I was about 6 years old and my mouth dropped at the sight of that poor kitten's little face flopping around.

    That particular kitten became the alpha cat. I am sure that there is a lesson to be learned from that but my mind has now gone blank and all that I can see is that little face....

  12. of course we eat the afterbirth! and we bite the heads off of males we are mating with! why shield her from the truth now??????

  13. She asked me why the cat was doing that and I said that's what mommies do. Her eyes got huge and she said, "You didn't have to do that, did you??"

    Sweet, sweet, childhood innocence.

  14. I forgot how ugly newborn kittens are! But they change so quickly!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. The look on Mom's face is priceless. That's exactly how I felt after giving birth, only I'm sure I didn't look so cuddly!

  16. Indeed, Pam, you are amazing.

    Although I'm a bit scared of Jromer now, who doesn't look anything like a praying mantis.

  17. Now, in all my life never once has a woman bit my head off while mating. I live in hope though! What a lovely way to go!
    Nice kitties Pammy. I'll take them all.

  18. Aww. I'll take the mom too, please. I've always wanted one that colour.

  19. Oh, they are adorable, aren't they? It's wonderful that your daughter got to witness this. It's a good experience for her. Even if newborn kittens look more like rats than cats. Oh, and I got a kick out of picturing a human mother chewing off her own umbilical cord and eating the placenta.

  20. For some reason your pix never display on my screen. Is there one of you with the said umbilical cord in your mouth?

    I think this is totally worthy of the "This is True" web feature I get every once in a while...

  21. What a pretty Momma kitty! I'd love another one, but Hubby says no. No more pets. I guess the cat puke on the bed has made him turn against the poor cat.

  22. cynic6:46 AM

    I was about Allison's age when I saw our cat give birth. It's quite a thing to see.


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