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More of the same

Work, work, work. Research and writing. Fun, fun, fun. Also, not just a lttle disturbing, due to the subject matter involved. I'm making great progress though.

Ok, enough of a break. Back to work.


  1. we're rooting for yah!

  2. Duh...

    Are you going to shed some light on what project, what work, what research, the subject matter?

    Or did I miss it?

  3. Yes Pammy, you're such a tease. Just give us a small clue and then we can play a guessing game - come on girl, it's time we had some fun.

  4. We could each contribute a line to your book.

    Or, better yet, why don't you give each one of us a role in your book. You'd change the names, of course, and we'd have to guess who's who.

  5. That would work if this were a work of fiction.

    When I was fourteen, my best friend was raped and murdered. Everyone thought Ted Bundy had done it, as he was here at the time on one of his murderous rampages. However, four years ago the real murderer was found from cold case forensic work and convicted of her murder.

    Sorry kids. Not fun, not fun at all. I'm researching his life and it's gruesome. I feel like I need to steam clean myself at the end of each day to get rid of residual horrors left behind by what I've learned.

    The other book is much nicer. A compilation of my columns to date. The only urge I feel after working on that project is chocolate and cheetos.

  6. Yuk Pammy, that's awful. i forgive you utterly for being so cagey about your work. When you are working on your other book can we have some fun?

  7. Most certainly, but only if you continue being nice to me and not make me cry any more.

  8. Pam, What a horrible experience and you were so young when it happened. But I guess writing about it must be helpful in some way, right?

  9. I don't know. I hope so. I think what gets to me the most is finding out details about things I'd rather not know.

    Also finding out things about this man and his criminal history, the things he's I said, it makes me want to shower with bleach.

  10. This must be difficult, Pam, you having been so close to the 14-year-old.

    What you're doing is more than reliving that horror, you are trying to document it and this loser's life, presumably in an objective way.

    Courage and strength to you.

  11. Thanks WW. I'm doing the best I can...


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