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Brazil lost!!

We spent hours at a Brazilian steakhouse, crowded with Brazilians, watching the match between Brazil and France.

France won. The people in the steakhouse were in tears, with Brazilian flags wrapped around their shoulders. It was all very emotional and sad. (Tom, please tell me again why the cute team lost?) While we were there, we were treated to some amazing food.

Here is Stephanie and Paco.
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Stephanie was treated to amazing barbecued meat by various servers. This was Andres. I think he liked her.

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Another server. For those of you who have never eaten in a place like this, they bring different meats around, slicing off pieces and you take them with tongs they provide. The chicken was the most tender thing ever and the steak was amazing.

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And yet another one.

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After we left there, the kids and I went over to the store to get some things we needed and returned to pick up Paco and Annabella. Then we drove up to Temple Square, parked in the mall across the street and walked through the Joseph Smith building to see if we could see the movie playing there.

Nope. All full up. We may try again on Monday.

We walked across the street to the front of the Temple, where I snapped this picture of the gang.

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It was over 95 degrees and to say the least we were a wee bit hot and decided to head back to Orem. Tonight there is a Stadium of Fire thing going on, where they do massive fireworks. I'm still not clear on why they do these today instead of on the fourth.


  1. Still not gonna let 'em take your pic, eh?

    Okay, against my better judgment but if we get to see a vacation pic of you (and not one of those gas station restroom mirror shots) I'll post my new column pic where I look like a bearded version of the last weekly editor for whom I worked. She'd really appreciate thaat (the editor, I mean)

  2. I seem to be the one with the camera all the time here. Don't have hubby with me, so it's just me against the world. I'll work on getting a pic of me. Can't promise though.

    Put your pic up anyways!

  3. :: STADIUM OF FIRE!!!! ::

    We lived in Logan almost 5 years and every summer were subjected to the TV commercials on KSL. I can't even read the words without getting the jingle stuck in my head.

    I am totally jealous of you, being at Temple Square. :)

  4. Yeah but you shouldn't be jealous cuz the heat was unbearable. Seriously.

  5. Pamelala, I have to take you up on the cute team issue. Gentlemen, if Pamela describes you as cute you are henceforth in the same company as Ronaldo (a gap toothed elephantine lazy cheat ), Roberto Carlos (chubby midget with massive thighs) and Ronaldinho (just plain fugly).

  6. I think she meant the Brazilians who were at the restaurant. Oe oe oe oe!!!!

  7. Good call Paco! They were cute. Probably still are.

    I want to go back!!


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