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Beach and Looks

My sister has stolen my ten year old Ally for the week and whisked her off in her trailer to Ocean Shores. It's Thursday and I miss the little muffin. She sends me pictures every day so I can keep up with my baby.

Here's Ally and her cousin Nicole. They have matching swimsuits and they kind of like each other.

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Here they are enjoying some ice cream. Apparently it's cold where they are. Notice the coats? It's blazing here and cold there. Go figure.
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While they are off having fun, I am subjected to yet another dose of THE LOOK.

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I've been feeling a little queasy just now and wondering why. It took me a minute to realize it's because my cats are freaks!! I caught the kitten (nearly six months old) trying to nurse on his father. And the dingy daddy was allowing it!!!



  1. Wat you need, Pam, is a dose of Frontier Editor's pilot Dance Party!

    If it works, you'll be subjected to a weekly ration of odd videos from the depths of my mind and YouTube at absolutely no effort to you except wondering what crippled my musical taste.

    And when number one daughter sees you watching that stuff, the "look" will reach new heights of disgust and bewilderment!

  2. I'm not sure it could reach new depths, er, heights, but it's worth a shot!

  3. oh, i had a friend who's puppies nursed off one another and they were all boys and i wanted to pass out every time i saw it. i mean it, i found myself praying for unconsciousness. there is certain imagery you just don't want in your mind ever.

    as for the look your daughter keeps giving it turn around when she needs you....

    are those my ovaries slamming shut? why yes..that is what i'm hearing!

  4. I'm just an outsider here, but I think that "look" is classic. She's really turned it into an art form. Of course, when my daughter is that age, I may not find such looks so funny anymore...

  5. Cats are possessed.

    The Look... I got one just last night. I wanted to smack her... in fact, just daydreaming about smacking her made me feel better.

  6. Anna, I understand the sick feeling. And don't slam your ovaries shut just yet!

    Stay, yes, it's an art form for them.

    Lianne, you made me laugh.

  7. As a person who's had two female dogs (bitches?) who nursed kittens, I can confirm that animals are indeed stranger and more incestuous (sp?) than people from the Virginias.

    Anna, pry the ovaries open again with a crowbar because just like our offspring give us dirty looks in their teenage years, they also provide us with an invaluable gift later on in life...GRANDCHILDREN. You don't want to miss that.

    Pammy, I wish you strength! Cool pics.

  8. I had a kitten ( a stray that I coaxed out of a woodpile) that would suckle in the crook of your arm, making your sweater soggy. She did it all through her life, and only died a couple of years ago, aged 20. Not bad for a tiny stray grey tabby who had over a dozen little kittens of her own who now livew with an assortment of friends all over the county.

  9. Pammy- Smokey is still trying to nurse off of the dog. The dog gives me such looks!!!

  10. We had this one kitten for a little while (had to get rid of it-long story), but he would suckle on anything, esp the dog's lips. I'm not joking. Any chance he would get, he'd run up to our lab and suckle on the tiny folds of skin on her lips. It was too weird!


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