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Prop 8 and tolerance

As I've been watching the news and reading articles online and finding the protesting has been violent, rude and hate filled. LDS temples have been targeted with grafitti, people have had cups of urine thrown on them. sacred books have been burned and church buildings vandalized.

This, from a segment of the population that says they believe in tolerance.

Uh huh. They're only tolerant when you don't believe as they do. They ask for tolerance but give none in return.

I understand that it's not going to get better it will only get worse and that's a sad thing.

Call it a civil union, have all the medical decision making rights, property rights, everything---but just don't call it marriage. It's not. It's something entirely different.

Ayup. This is me taking a stand.

And also, for the record, the church didn't set up phone banks, or send in millions of dollars to support Prop 8. Private individuals sent in support and worked for it.

And one more thing....the only reason that it passed in California is because of the enormous African American voter turnout in their support of Obama. Funny how you're not seeing huge disrepectful protests down in their churchs and their commnuities.

I wonder why that is....


  1. overall, very well said, as usual...thanks!

  2. My poor mom is so tired of all of it. They're in California and helped with the campaign and she is just exhausted from the aftermath of it all. For some reason their votes don't count? If it had been the other way around and prop 8 was not passed all these people would have obeyed, honored and sustained the law... What more is in store in these days?

  3. Rebecca, thanks. I'm simply disgusted with what is happening. They're not going to let up.

    Paige, I'm sorry your mom is going through this. I have many friends in California and they too are suffering at the hands of these 'tolerant' people. It makes me quite ill to see what is happening. I only see it getting worse.

  4. As a straight male who supports gay marriage, I nevertheless have to join with you in deploring the assaults on the LDS church.

  5. Yeah...we've gotten it in Utah too...they're planning this big boycott of Utah now. You nailed it right on the head...where's the tolerance? You sound a little better...are things evening out? Take care.

  6. Paul--I think that agreeing to disagree on things is ok. No one is going to agree with another person 100% of the time on everything. I don't believe in discrimination and while the protestors believe passionately in their cause---they need to find a more constructive manner of addressing their frustrations.

    G., I'm sorry you're experiencing vandalism and things there in Utah. It has to be a bit frustrating. And thanks, I am better. I have been praying and doing my best to find hope in this situation we're going through. While nothing has really improved I do feel as though I'm being supported through it.


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