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I have a husband at work!

Yes, today he went back to The Lazy B---and he was happy to go. I haven't seen him since this morning around 6:30 a.m., but we've talked by phone a few times and texted several times.

Ya gotta love technology.

My day? Well, let's see....

I got up before six to get a few more things ready for my 7:30 Spanish class and to get Ally and Ash up and fed before we left at the crack of 7. We drove to school, where Ally helped me haul 11 binders for my students plus my big file case up the stairs to my room.

The kids arrived, I taught them how to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Spanish. It didn't quit rouse them until I hauled out the tin of Danish butter cookies I'd brought for them and told them this was their reward for learning the song and singing it LOUDLY.

Soon they were belting out:
Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas, y dos pies
Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas y dos pies
Ojos, oidos, boca y la nariz
Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas y dos pies!

It was a beautiful sound.

I finished up there, bid adios to my students and went over to North City for my next two Spanish classes. Since I had about an hour and a half, I did some copying and then created three sets of flash cards (on kitchen vocabulary) for my middle school students and then taught my elementary students, then my middle school/high school students and then took a deep breath.

Then I laminated the life out of more flash cards I'd created before heading over to my sister's to see how she was doing. She's still recovering from her surgery.

I stopped in at another elementary school to see if there were any more sign ups for the Spanish class I'm offering there. I found three more student's paperwork in my mail bin. That's only a total of five so I'm not sure I'll be doing it there yet. They have til tomorrow so I'm hoping more will come in by then.

Then I drove to my Ally's middle school because I needed to buy her ASB card sticker ($20) and pay for her to try out for volleyball ($10) before heading back to wait for the girls to get off their buses.

Of course once Ash was in the suburban she said I had to drive back to school to pick up the cookie dough she'd gotten as a fund raiser. So.....back to the school we went. Then we drove to pick up The Boy from his friends house and drove home to my fathers.

The Boy informs me he has a free coupon to get his hair cut on Mercer Island. Uh huh. It's nearly rush hour but I agree to take him there after we dropped the frozen cookie dough off. Raining, traffic, wheeeeeeeee. The upside? The Boy's friend gave us LOADS of free bagels, schmear and fresh lemonade from his place of employment. The downside? The Boy neglected to inform me that he was staying there and the haircut? Yeah, it was actually at Bellevue Square and he'd be needing a ride home afterwards.

Uh huh. Doncha love what they leave out of their requests?

I left him there to find his way home after his hair cut and drove through the wind and pouring rain back home again.

Tomorrow I do it all again---only more because Ash has swimming at Children's Hospital, Ally has volleyball tryouts then swim lessons afterwards.

I need to buy myself a lunch box because I'm living in my suburban.


  1. I think they need bicycles.

  2. Good idea. If only the distances weren't so great that would work.

  3. That is a crazy schedule! Aren't suburbans big enough for a sofabed and fridge in the back? Make yourself at home.


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