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The REAL Axis of evil.

It's Kraft foods. Do you know that they now have a tub of CHEESECAKE FILLING? Ready to eat. In a tub. To just, you know. Stick your spoon in and scoop some out and then you might as well just plaster it to your belly or thighs. I find passing it over my taste buds is incredibly more satisfying first. Then of course it can ooze out to whatever body part it wants to.

Since I no longer have my daycare boys, I was freeeeeee this morning. So I went to the gym for the first time since our road trip this summer. It was wonderful and my little swimming partner was there, so happy to see me. After working out I spent some time soaking in the jacuzzi. Mmmmm. It felt so good that I pondered spending the remainder of my day just sitting there.

But I didn't.

Instead I did the whole shower/shampoo/rinse/repeat thing and then went grocery shopping.

This is where I encountered satan. In the dairy section.

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My daycare mom Jenny first introduced me to this evil item. I blame her.

When the checkout lady picked it up to scan it (yes of course I bought some, I'm only human you know) she looked at it, held it up high and then was overcome with emotion.

"Hey!" she yelled to the cashier next to her, "Look at this!!"

She did the same thing with the cashier on the other side of her. Soon there was oohing and ahhhhing galore going on while they discussed how delicious this was and did you know it was back there and guess what we're having for lunch today.

The line was backing up as they spent more time excitedly discussing my tub of evil. Yes, all the cashiers were women, why do you ask?


  1. OMG. It'll only be a matter of time before it arrives on these shores and in our stores.

    Evil. Pure Evil!

  2. That looks like heaven in a plastic container. Thank you, Pammy, for calling my attention to yet another fattening thing! Who thinks of these things?

  3. Cherrypie, you're right. It's coming and we are powerless. Resistence is futile. You will be assimilated.

    Carmenzta, de nada amigita. What are friends for? ::grin::

  4. you have just answered one of the great theological debates of all time. right here on this blog.

    Satan the dairy case.

  5. So, what? Misery loves company? My butt doesn't thank you for this little tidbit! lol.

  6. Hey, it ain't cheesecake filling unless it's cream cheese, egg, sugar, vanilla extract and a dash of lemon juice AND baked in a graham cracker-and-butter crust.

    I may be a guy, but even I've got SOME standards! >B^D>

  7. SAHM, I'm not forcing you. I'm just, you know, giving you choices. Yeah, that's it. It's ll about choices LOL!

    Fronty, you really must try this stuff. You could spread it ON a graham cracker crust if you need to have that taste to go along with the filling. Trust me. You'll be hooked. Another soul lst to satan. I mean kraft.

  8. Noooo, if it ain't baked, it ain't cheeeeeesecaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!


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